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Clabbers is a game played by tournament Scrabble players for fun, or at Scrabble variant tournaments. The name derives from the fact that the words SCRABBLE form an anagram pair; the rules are identical to those of Scrabble, except that valid plays are only required to form anagrams of acceptable words. If a word is challenged, the player who played the word must name an acceptable word that anagrams to the tiles played; because the number of "words" that can be formed is vastly larger than in standard English, the board ends up packed in places, quite empty in others. Game scores will be much higher than in standard Scrabble, due to the relative ease of making high-scoring overlap plays and easier access to premium squares; the Internet Scrabble Club offers the ability to play Clabbers online. Horizontal words from top to bottom; some of the words below have multiple anagrams: ALI = AIL TOD = DOT ISNAETCR = CANISTER WOPL = PLOW DEER = DEER ZIF = FIZ SIATX = TAXIS BTADEI = BAITED MGU = GUM EMING = MINGE# ECOPU = COUPE RATHE = HEART IQ = QI VUEJ = JUVE# EWY = WYE ODOR = ODOR ASSGEOU = GASEOUS ROH = RHOVertical words from left to right ATIW = WAIT KAMER = MAKER LOSODF = FLOODS GCALINS = SCALING IDNPE = PINED UOT = OUT ALEZ = LAZE PHA = HAP RSITOUEN = ROUTINES FIAR = FAIR EBRYE = BEERY XIM = MIX NAV = VAN UO = OU# GULNED = LUNGED JOR = JOR# RO = OR Mentions of Clabbers on the National Scrabble Association website An A-Z of Variants, Association of British Scrabble Players "V-A-K-I-L:'VAKIL' is a word?

No way! Scrabble for the serious at District 14", The Boston Globe, October 7, 2001

Fleur de Lys centre commercial

Fleur de Lys centre commercial is a shopping mall located in the Vanier borough of Quebec City, Canada, managed by Trudel Immeubles since July 2018, was last renovated in 2004. It is located across from L'Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec and close to the Videotron Centre. With its 150 stores, Fleur de Lys centre commercial is located in an urban area near various development projects, it is anchored by Maxi. Place Fleur de Lys opened in March 21, 1963 with anchors Simpsons-Sears and Zellers. Place Fleurs de Lys is notable for having the first Sears department store in the province of Quebec. On October 17, 1968, S. S. Kresge Co Ltée opened a Kmart store; as with Sears five years earlier, the Kmart at Place Fleurs de Lys was the first in the province. On March 1980, Place Fleur de Lys expanded from 650 000 square feet to 850 000 to reach 170 stores including a new Pascal hardware store. After Pascal closed, its former space of 75 000 square feet was converted into another mall expansion of 145 000 square feet anchored by a single level The Bay store which opened on October 7, 1992.

Steinberg went bankrupt in 1992 and its store at Fleur de Lys was not converted into another supermarket. It was instead replaced on May 5, 1993 by Club Biz, an office supply retailer founded by former executives of the Steinberg supermarket chain, which operated until 1996. Club Biz at Place Fleur de Lys was the chain's only store located outside the Montreal area. Kmart closed on the Zellers in the mall relocated in its space. Zellers at Fleur de Lys was the last remaining store of the chain in Quebec City by the time it closed on March 14, 2013. Target had acquired the lease of Zellers and opened a store at Fleur de Lys on October 18, 2013 as part of the retailer's second wave of openings in Quebec. In 2015, Walmart bought the lease of the former Target store. Sears lasted until the end of the chain on January 14, 2018; the departure of Sears came four months after the mall had lost another department store, The Bay, which closed on September 23, 2017. The mall is access by Quebec Autoroute Quebec Route 138 via boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel.

Réseau de transport de la Capitale has a number of regular bus routes serving the mall. List of largest enclosed shopping malls in CanadaOther malls in Quebec City area: Galeries de la Capitale Laurier Québec Place Sainte-Foy Official website

Chromolume No. 7

Chromolume No. 7 is the 128th episode of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives. It is the seventeenth episode of the show's sixth season and aired on March 14, 2010; this episode in the United States was viewed by 12.01 million people according to Nielsen Media Research. The Scavo family is preparing for Preston's return from Europe; when he arrives from the airport, they are surprised to find his European souvenir is not only a new moustache but is Irina, a beautiful Russian girl who Lynette says is "out of his league". Lynette and Tom discover that while in Paris Preston helped pay for Irina to undergo selective surgery, showers her with nice things. While Tom seems fine with this, Lynette is not, is worried that her son is being manipulated; the next evening, Preston tells his parents that she has said yes. He asks for his grandmother's cherished ring. Lynette does not want to give the ring to Preston for fear, she goes to a jewellery shop and asks the salesclerk to make a glass replica of the ring, hoping that when Irina receives it she will have it appraised and leave Preston, thinking he is out of money.

However, Irina is a smart girl, instead of leaving she returns the ring to Lynette saying she couldn't take a family heirloom, asks Lynette to save it for Penny. She tells Preston he can buy her a new ring, exchanges a threatening look with Lynette. Gabrielle is approached by Angie, taking a cab to New York to find Danny. Gaby tags along after discovering that Ana knows she sabotaged her relationship with Danny by bribing her with modeling. In New York, Gaby reveals to Angie, she introduces her to Heidi Klum, who wants nothing to do with Gaby due to a stunt Gaby pulled that lost Heidi a cover on Sports Illustrated way back when. At a restaurant, Gaby runs into her old agent and Paulina Porizkova, is shocked to find Paulina despises her as well due to Gaby acting like a spoiled brat on a photo shoot the two did together in Brazil. Gaby's agent, tells her that she was the "queen bitch" during her reign of New York, everyone got sick of it. Gaby says she didn't realize how mean she was when Luke reminds her that she left modeling not because she fell in love, but because she knew Carlos was wealthy and could financially support her when she knew her career was ending.

Gaby insists this isn't true, but Luke says it is, because he's her friend he encouraged her to marry him, because he didn't want to see her lose everything. After a self-evaluation, Gaby decides to change her attitude for good, pushes Ana, who quit modeling, to try again so as not to waste her one shot. While at Angie's mother's home, Gaby tells the old woman next door. On the plane ride back home, Gaby learns of Angie's past. Bree's son Andrew becomes jealous of Sam when Bree promotes Sam to vice president, telling Andrew he can share the job with Sam. At a party for Sam, Andrew pushes him. Sam becomes injured. Bree brings a muffin basket as an apology to Sam's house and finds a picture of him as a toddler with her dead husband, Rex van de Kamp. Demanding an explanation, Bree learns. Hurt, she goes home, but finds Sam there that night, she learns from him that Rex got his girlfriend pregnant before leaving her for Bree, his offer to help financially was turned down. After a couple times of seeing Sam, he stopped.

Sam reveals he would drive by the van de Kamp home and watch Bree and Rex and their children, wishing he was part of their home. After Bree learns that Sam's mother died six months ago, she invites him inside so they can drink hot cocoa and talk. An angry looking Andrew watches from the window as the two hug. Susan reveals to Mike she has paid off his loan with money she got from Karl's strip club, which upsets him; that day, she pays a visit to Katherine, discovers that she had sex with Robin. When she tells Mike, she mentions that Katherine realized she liked women after being with Mike, saying he is always so gentle when making love; this upsets Mike. To prove this, he pulls Susan onto the kitchen counter and attempts to rip her shirt off before making love, but finds he cannot tear the shirt and falls off the counter, he tells Susan. Susan promises to cancel the check the next day, the two kiss. Katherine whether or not she is a lesbian, she talks to Lee who insist that because she isn't sure that she isn't lesbian.

Katherine takes joy in this. When Robin arrives home that night, Katherine tells her they only had sex because she was drunk, but hopes to remain friends. Robin doesn't believe that, insists they had a connection. Robin kisses Katherine, who agrees. Angie goes with Gabrielle to New York, she meets with Mrs. DeLuca, whom Danny and Ana have been staying with. Angie wants to take Danny back. Angie tells her Patrick Logan will find them and hurt Danny, Mrs. DeLuca says if there was anyone Patrick would want to hurt it would be Angie, not Danny. Angie tells her mother a secret she never told her, which convinces her to make Danny go back with Angie. On the plane ride back to Fairview, Angie reveals to Gaby the truth: when she was eighteen, she was heavily into the environment, she met a bad guy, implied to be Patrick Logan, someone was killed during their protests. She met Nick and ran off, scared

Norodom Sihanouk Memorial

The Norodom Sihanouk Memorial is a monument commemorating former King Norodom Sihanouk located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The bronze statue is 4.5 meters tall and is housed under a 27 meter high stupa in the park east of the Independence Monument. The statue depicting the late king wearing a business suit cost about US$1.2 million and took about 8 months to complete. During the day the statue was inaugurated, public access to the statue was monitored while armed military police were stationed near the statue in October 2013. Norodom Sihanouk died on October 15, 2012 in Beijing and survived by his son, current King Norodom Sihamoni, his wife, Norodom Monineath; the statue is dedicated to Sihanouk's accomplishment on liberating the country on November 9, 1953 from French Protectorate in Cambodia

Moussa Sanoh

Moussa Sanoh is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a winger for Romanian Liga I club FC Voluntari, on loan from Gaz Metan Mediaș. Sanoh joined PSV in 2009, made his Jong PSV debut in March 2014, in their 2–1 away victory against FC Eindhoven, replacing Aleksandar Boljević in the 90th minute. On 2 December 2014, Sanoh scored his first goal for Jong PSV in their 3–1 home win against De Graafschap, sealing the hosts' victory in the 93rd minute. In order to find first-team football, Sanoh joined fellow Eerste Divisie side RKC Waalwijk in January 2016 on a six-month deal. Three days Sanoh made his RKC Waalwijk debut in their 3–1 defeat against Almere City, featuring for the entire 90 minutes. Following an impressive first few months at the club, Sanoh signed a new one-year deal prior to the 2016–17 campaign, he went onto score his first goal for RKC in their 3–1 away victory over Jong Utrecht, netting in the 71st minute after replacing Fred Benson. Sanoh went onto net four more times before leaving the Dutch side in June 2017.

On 5 June 2017, Sanoh agreed to join English side Crawley Town on a two-year deal with the option of an extra year. On 8 August 2017, Sanoh made his Crawley debut during their EFL Cup first round 5–1 defeat against Championship side Birmingham City. A month he made his league debut in their 1–0 home defeat against Notts County, replacing Dannie Bulman in the 68th minute. Sanoh scored his first goal for Crawley in their 3–1 away defeat against Portsmouth in an EFL Trophy group stage tie. On 3 July 2018, it was announced that Sanoh would leave Crawley, following a mutual termination in his contract. On 5 July 2018, following his release from Crawley, Sanoh joined Romanian side Politehnica Iași on a two-year deal. On 1 July 2019, Sanoh joined Romanian club Gaz Metan Mediaș. On 11 January 2020, Sanoh joined Liga I club Voluntari on loan until the end of the 2019–20 season. Still eligible to represent Ivory Coast at international level, Sanoh has featured for the Netherlands under-17 and under-19 sides between 2013 and 2014.

As of match played 1 June 2019. Moussa Sanoh at Soccerbase

List of Arizona Wildcats football All-Americans

The Arizona Wildcats college football team competes as part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, represents the University of Arizona in the South Division of the Pac-12 Conference. All-America selections are individual player recognitions made after each season when numerous publications release lists of their ideal team; the NCAA recognizes five All-America lists: the Associated Press, American Football Coaches Association, the Football Writers Association of America, Sporting News, the Walter Camp Football Foundation. In order for an honoree to earn a "consensus" selection, he must be selected as first team in three of the five lists recognized by the NCAA, "unanimous" selections must be selected as first team in all five lists. Since the establishment of the team in 1894, Arizona has had 29 players honored a total of 34 times as First Team All-America for their performance on the field of play. Included in these selections are 8 consensus selections, 2 of which were unanimous selections earned by Ka'Deem Carey in the 2012 season and 2013 season and Scooby Wright III in the 2015 season