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Agropec escudo.png
Full nameClub Agropecuario Argentino
Nickname(s)Sojero, Agro
FoundedAugust 23, 2011; 7 years ago (2011-08-23)
GroundOfelia Rosenzuaig,
Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires
Coordinates70°55′19″N 8°42′54″W / 70.92194°N 8.71500°W / 70.92194; -8.71500
ManagerFelipe De la Riva
LeaguePrimera B Nacional
2016–17Torneo Federal A – 1st (champion and promoted)

Club Agropecuario Argentino is an Argentine football club sited in Carlos Casares, a city of Buenos Aires Province. Founded in 2011, the club is one of the youngest institutions affiliated to the Argentine Football Association.

The club currently plays in Primera B Nacional, the second division of the Argentine football league system.


Agropecuario was founded by Bernardo Grobocopatel, a local entrepreneur related to soybean cultivation, who is also owner and president of the club.[1]

The squad participated in now defunct Argentino A where was eliminated by C.A. French in the 2012 season. The next year, Agropecuario finished 6th out of 6 teams in the Argentino B. The club debuted in the Federal B (the regionalised 4th division) in 2014, where it was defeated by Juventud de Pergamino and eliminated from the competition.

Agropecuario promoted to Federal A in 2016 after beating San Martín de Formosa by penalty shoot-out.[2]

The team lasted only one season in the division so in June 2017, Agropecuario crowned 2016–17 champion, therefore promoting to Primera B Nacional, the second division of Argentine football, after Gimnasia y Tiro defeated Gimnasia y Esgrima (M) by 1–0. Agropecuario also became the youngest club to achieve a promotion to B Nacional, with only 6 years of existence.[3] Until then, Crucero del Norte[4] had held the record with 9-yr old when it promoted in 2012.[note 1]


  1. ^ Although La Nación stated that Crucero del Norte had been founded in 1989, the club itself set its date of foundation on June 28, 2003.[5]


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