Club Alpino Italiano

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Club Alpino Italiano
Cai Club Alpino Italiano Stemma.png
Club Alpino Italiano
Sport mountaineering
Category amateur athletic association
Abbreviation (CAI)
Founded 1863 (1863) in Turin
Headquarters Milan
Official website

The Club Alpino Italiano is the senior Italian alpine club which stages climbing competitions, operates alpine huts, marks and maintains paths, and is active in protecting the Alpine environment.

It was founded in Turin in 1863 by the then finance minister Quintino Sella.

After First World War and the annexation of Trento and Trieste to Italy, it absorbed the "Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini" and the "Società Alpina delle Giulie".

Its most popular achievement is the 1954 first ascension on K2.

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