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Coalition for Marriage
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Formation 1 August 2017; 13 months ago (2017-08-01)
Legal status Active

The Coalition for Marriage is an Australian lobby group that advocates for continuing to define marriage as being between a man and a woman, as found in the Marriage Amendment Act 2004.[1]


The organisation has a lead role in lobbying for the "No" case - associated with the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. Other organisations partnering with the Coalition for Marriage,[2] in opposition to same-sex marriage, include the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference, the Australian Christian Lobby and Marriage Alliance.[3][4]

The first Coalition for Marriage advertisement on TV featured three women and focused on the Safe Schools education program.[5] In the ad, the women – Heidi McIvor,[6] Cella White,[7] and Pansy Lai[8] – ask about potential gender confusion issues for children. The ad was supported by Conservative senator Cory Bernardi[9] and by social commentator Andrew Bolt.[10] The ad was criticised as being inaccurate and for linking the survey (and same-sex marriage in general) to Safe Schools,[11] and by Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten who said, "Malcolm Turnbull ... gave the green light to this rubbish".[12][13] Mothers of transgender children criticised the ad for bringing their children into the same-sex marriage debate.[14] The three women and supporters of the yes position have all commented on the responses to the ad.[15] Minister for Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg expressed that he "did not have a problem" with the advertisement, stating that he has "great confidence in the public's ability to make their own decisions as to whether they'll be voting yes or no".[16]

One of the women in the ad (Dr Lai) was threatened that she would be shot “this week”[17][18][19] and a campaign was initiated (subsequently pulled) to revoke her medical registration.[20][21]


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