Coastal plain

A coastal plain is flat, low-lying land adjacent to a sea coast. Some of the largest coastal plains are in the southeastern United States; the Gulf Coastal Plain of North America extends northwards from the Gulf of Mexico along the Lower Mississippi River to the Ohio River, a distance of about 981 miles. The Coastal Plains of India lie on either side of the Peninsula Plateau, along the western and eastern coasts of India, they extend for about 6,150 km from the Rann of Kutch in the west to West Bengal in the east. They are broadly divided into the Eastern Coastal Plains; the two coastal plains meet at the southern most tip of the Indian mainland. Alluvial plain Atlantic coastal plain California coastal prairie Coastal plains of Chile Cumberland Plain, Australia Gulf Coastal Plain Mississippi embayment North European Plain Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture - Coastal Plains

Reflection (Derek Minor album)

Reflection is the sixth studio album by American Christian hip hop artist Derek Minor, released on October 14, 2016. It was released through Entertainment One. Derek Minor explained that the concept of the album addresses identity crisis in the United States, in an interview with Rapzilla, Derek Minor said "I feel like many of the issues that we face are based on identity issues. People, they don’t value themselves, they don’t value others, they don’t value family... Everyone has an identity crisis, I wanted to contribute to that conversation with the record to say, ‘Nah, you were made for greatness. You weren’t made for no reason. You aren’t an accident. You weren’t just an afterthought by God, he made you, crafted you with an amazing purpose,’ and that’s the whole idea of the album — reflect God, reflect greatness". The album debuted at number 7 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart, number 5 on the Rap Albums chart, number 15 on the Independent Albums chart. Kevin Hoskins from Jesus Freak Hideout gave the album a 4 out of 5, saying "this is a solid album that should be owned by all rap fans.

It may not be as great as Dying to Live or Empire. The focus and thought process is delivered in such a straightforward manner that Minor's point can't be missed." Total length: 54:16"Look At Me Now" "Hold Up" "You Know It" "Until I'm Gone" "Things Fall Apart" "Believe It" "I'm Good" "Judo" "Love Go High" "Change the World" "Live" "Good Enough" "Real Ones" "Greatness 2.0"Pre-ordering the album came with 1014 EP: Total Length: 69:52"Greatness" "Hand on the Bible" "Touchdown" "Drowning"

RFA Bacchus (A404)

RFA Bacchus was a stores ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. She was the third ship to bear this name. Built by Henry Robb of Leith for the British-India Steam Navigation Company and operated by the RFA on a long-term bareboat charter, she was designed to carry Naval stores from UK to overseas Naval bases, she pioneered containerisation with "Chacons", small wooden containers developed at Chatham Dockyard. Bacchus was returned to her owners on 1 October 1981, renamed Cherry Lanka on 6 November 1981, she arrived at Gadani Beach for demolition prior to 31 December 1985. Her sister-ship, RFA Hebe caught fire and was a Constructive Total Loss in 1978 in Gibraltar