Code B

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Code B
Studio album by Bela B.
Released 2 October 2009
Recorded 2008
Genre Rock
Length 47:39
Label Columbia
Bela B. chronology
Code B
Singles from Code B
  1. "Altes Arschloch Liebe"
    Released: 2009
  2. "Schwarz/Weiss"
    Released: 2009
  3. "Liebe und Benzin"
    Released: 2010

Code B is the second solo studio album by the German singer Bela B.. The album was released on 2 October 2009.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Bela B..

Code B
1."Rockula" 3:05
2."Geburtstagsleid" (Birthday misery, pun on 'Geburtstagslied', meaning 'birthday song') 3:40
3."In diesem Leben nicht" (Not in this life)Chris Spedding3:28
4."Altes Arschloch Liebe" (Old asshole love) 4:27
5."Schwarz/Weiss" (Black/white)Marcel Eger3:13
6."Onenightstand" 3:33
7."Ninjababypowpow"Chris Spedding4:03
8."Hilf dir selbst" (Help yourself) 3:07
9."Bobotanz" (Bobo dance) 4:27
10."Liebe und Benzin" (Love and fuel)Emmanuelle Seigner3:48
11."Als wir unsterblich waren" (When we were immortal) 3:00
12."Nein!" (No!) 3:17
13."Dein Schlaflied" (Your lullaby) 4:08
14."The Wahrheit" (The truth)Alessandro Alessandroni3:28
Professional ratings
Review scores
laut.de4/5 stars
plattentests.de4/10 stars
Visions8/12 stars
Musikexpress2.5/6 stars

"Der Wahrheit" is the 14th and final track on the album. The song is known by three names:

  • On the album cover: "Der Wahrheit" (The truth; possibly genitive: Of the truth)
  • The announcement on Bela B's website:[1] "The Wahrheit" (The truth)
  • The German normal feminine article for Wahrheit (truth): "Die Wahrheit" (The truth)

There is a hidden track before Rockula that can be heard by rewinding to -1:00. This track is a recording of Lee Hazlewood speaking about his collaboration with Bela B. on Das erste Lied des Tages from the album Bingo.


2009: "Altes Arschloch Liebe"
2009: "Schwarz/Weiss"
2010: "Liebe und Benzin"
2010: "In diesem Leben" (feat. Chris Spedding)


  • Bela B. – vocals, drums, guitars, samples

Los Helmstedt:

  • Olsen Involtini – guitars, keyboards, samples, backup vocals
  • Wayne Jackson – guitars, glockenspiel, ukulele, pedal steel, samples, backup vocals
  • Holly Burnette – bass, double bass
  • Lula – backup vocals
  • Paule – backup vocals
  • Danny Young – narration ("Bobotanz")


  • Chris Spedding – guitar ("In diesem Leben nicht", "Ninjababypowpow")
  • Marcel Eger – additional vocals ("Schwarz/Weiß")
  • Emmanuelle Seigner – additional vocals ("Liebe und Benzin")
  • Alessandro Alessandroni – additional vocals, various instruments ("Der Wahrheit")
  • Sisters Ramadani – chor voices ("Liebe und Benzin")
  • Christian Ketchmer – cello ("Dein Schlaflied")
  • Jerome Bugon – horns ("Liebe und Benzin")
  • Sascha Moser – edits
  • Lars Meier – violin


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