Codex Vigilanus

The Codex Vigilanus or Codex Albeldensis is an illuminated compilation of various historical documents accounting for a period extending from antiquity to the 10th century in Hispania. Among the many texts brought together by the compilers are the canons of the Visigothic Councils of Toledo, the Liber Iudiciorum, the decrees of some early popes and other patristic writings, historical narratives, various other pieces of civil and canon law, a calendar; the compilers were three monks of the Riojan monastery of San Martín de Albelda: Vigila, after whom it was named and, the illustrator. The first compilation was finished in 881, but was updated up to 976; the original manuscript is preserved in the library of El Escorial. At the time of its compilation, Albelda was the cultural and intellectual centre of the Kingdom of Pamplona; the manuscripts celebrate with illustrations not only the ancient Gothic kings who had reformed the law — Chindasuinth and Ergica — but its contemporary dedicatees, the rulers of Navarre: Sancho II of Pamplona and his queen and his brother Ramiro Garcés, King of Viguera.

The Codex contains, among other pieces of useful information, the first mention and representation of Arabic numerals in the West. They were introduced by the Arabs into Spain around 900; the illuminations are stylistically unique, combining Visigothic and Carolingian elements. The interlace patterns and the drapery show Carolingian, as well Italo-Byzantine, influence; the use of animals as decoration and for supporting columns parallels contemporary Frankish usage. More Carolingian and less Byzantine influence is evident in the Codex Aemilianensis, a copy of the Vigilanus made at San Millán de la Cogolla in 992 by a different illustrator. Latin text Guilmain, Jacques. "Interlace Decoration and the Influence of the North on Mozarabic Illumination." The Art Bulletin, Vol. 42, No. 3. Pp 211–218. Guilmain, Jacques. "Zoomorphic Decoration and the Problem of the Sources of Mozarabic Illumination." Speculum, Vol. 35, No. 1. Pp 17–38. Guilmain, Jacques. "The Forgotten Early Medieval Artist." Art Journal, Vol. 25, No. 1.

Pp 33–42. Bishko, Charles Julian. "Salvus of Albelda and Frontier Monasticism in Tenth-Century Navarre." Speculum, Vol. 23, No. 4. Pp 559–590. Latin text and Spanish translation of the Chronicon Albeldense

Daniel Harford

Daniel Harford is the senior coach of the Carlton Football Club's in the AFL Women's and a former Australian rules footballer who played for the Hawthorn Football Club and Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League. He is radio presenter and commentator. From Parade College, Harford was a Teal Cup captain of Victoria as a youngster, he played junior football for St Mary's in the DVFL, was recruited from the Northern U18 team by the Hawthorn Football Club with the 8th overall selection in the 1994 AFL Draft. His career started off beautifully and while at Hawthorn, where he made his debut in 1995, he made an early impression, he was a hard-at-the-ball midfielder or small forward. He hit his peak in the late 1990s when he was dominant on the field, his aggression and toughness shining, he made regular appearances on The Footy Show during this period. In 2002 Harford's career started to slide; the hard at the ball midfielder started to collect more than his fair share of injuries. He continued to struggle for fitness in 2003 where he added only another 5 games.

Harford was on a long-term contract and Hawthorn decided to try to offload him, at the end of the year Carlton decided to give Harford another go, trading pick no 51 for him and Hawthorn paying half his contract. Harford could never capture his 1997–1999 form, deciding during a pre-season run in October 2004 to retire from AFL football. Harford played VAFA football for Old Paradians in 2005, returned to the VFL to play for the Northern Bullants, with whom he had played while on the Carlton list, he was one of the best in the Bullants' minor premiership team, winning the Laurie Hill Trophy as the Bullants' best and fairest, finishing third in the J. J. Liston Trophy count. In 2007, Harford moved to the Balwyn Football Club in the Eastern Football League, he played there in 2007, served as playing-coach in 2008, retired from playing at the end of 2008. He continued to serve as non-playing coach at Balwyn until 2011 as coach at St Kevin's Old Boys in the Victorian Amateur Football Association in 2012, where he still coaches as of 2013.

After serving as an assistant coach with Collingwood during the 2018 AFL Women's season, he was appointed the senior coach of Carlton's AFLW team in April 2018 for the 2019 season onward. Harford, known as a bit of a joker during his playing days, joined fledgling Melbourne sports radio network SEN 1116 in 2005 as a presenter, after his retirement from the AFL and while he was playing in the VAFA, he began by hosting a Sunday afternoon sports show with Robert Shaw, in 2006 he hosted On the Rise, a morning weekend program, with Jason Richardson. He made regular appearances on "The Good Oil", a weekday 12-4 afternoon show, between 2007 and 2009, before taking over the timeslot in 2010 with his own program Harf Time, this ran until 2016, when he moved to the Drive program, he has been involved in the network's VFL and AFL commentary teams. In 2007, he hosted a car show on Channel 9, "Test Drive." In November 2016, Harford will move to RSN 927 to host breakfast. He is married to Rebecca and they have a daughter, Abbey and a son, William.

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Terry and the Pirates (TV series)

Terry and the Pirates is an American adventure series based on Milton Caniff's comic strip, was telecast from June 26, 1953 to November 21, 1953. The syndicated series was produced by Don Sharpe Enterprises. Canada Dry Ginger Ale was the show's original sponsor. USAAF Colonel Terry Lee heads to the Far East to locate a gold mine he inherited from his grandfather. Once in the Orient, Lee becomes a pilot with Air Cathay, a cargo and passenger airline owned and operated by the cunning Chopstick Joe, not always honest, his friend and co-pilot is Charles C. Charles, aka Hotshot Charlie, while the romantic interest is provided by the attractive blonde Burma. Lee has several encounters in thirteen episodes with his beautiful and mysterious nemesis, Lai Choi San, aka The Dragon Lady. In the pilot episode, "Macao Gold", Chopstick Joe was portrayed by Jack Kruschen and Burma was played by Mari Blanchard. Terry and the Pirates Terry and the Pirates In 1951 Sam Katzman obtained the film rights to the comic strip from Douglas Fairbanks Jr but no film resulted.

In 2007 Alpha Home Entertainment released four DVD sets of the episodes. Packaged with four episodes per Volume there are only sixteen of the eighteen. Episode 17 "Overseer" and 18 "The Diamond Maker" were not included; the episodes are not compiled in any order. The Sets have been available from re-sellers on the internet. Terry and the Pirates on IMDb