Col Collon

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Col Collon
View from the top
Elevation3,074 m (10,085 ft)
Traversed byGlacier
LocationSwitzerland - Italy
RangePennine Alps
Coordinates45°57′38″N 7°30′51″E / 45.96056°N 7.51417°E / 45.96056; 7.51417Coordinates: 45°57′38″N 7°30′51″E / 45.96056°N 7.51417°E / 45.96056; 7.51417
Col Collon is located in Alps
Col Collon
Location in the Alps

Col Collon (el. 3074 m.) is a high mountain pass across the central Pennine Alps, connecting Arolla in the Swiss canton of Valais to Bionaz in the Italian region of Aosta Valley.

The pass is located on the border at the southern tip of the Arolla Glacier, south of Mont Collon.

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