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Collab Group is a network of 35 college groups and colleges of further education in the United Kingdom[1] which was formed with an aim to promote and maintain high standards of education and management for this type of college, and to raise the profile and reputation of further education through policy influence.[2]

The group changed its name from the 157 Group in October 2016,[3] having been established under its former name in 2006. Its creation was announced at that year's Association of Colleges annual conference chaired by the then Secretary of State for Education Alan Johnson, with its former name taken from the 157th paragraph of a British government paper on education, The Foster Report (formally the Review of the future role of FE colleges), published a year previously.[2]

Chief Executive Ian Pretty explained the group's new name: "Collab is collaboration ... collaboration is critical to us. How do we collaborate with industry? How do we collaborate with government? How do we collaborate with each other?"[3]



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