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Colonel Brown's Cambridge School,
Col brown school logo.jpg
Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Coordinates 30°19′18.75″N 78°3′28.99″E / 30.3218750°N 78.0580528°E / 30.3218750; 78.0580528
Motto Magna est Veritas
(Truth is Great)
Established 1859
Founder Col. William Brown
Headmaster S. K. Tyagi
Medium of language English
Houses Principal, Bursar & Headmaster
Color(s) Green, yellow and red

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Work Hard, Play Hard and

Above All, Be a Gentleman!
Nickname CBS / CBCS / Brownians
Affiliation University Of Dehdradun

Colonel Brown Cambridge School is an English medium residential school located in Dehradun, India. It was founded in 1926 with five students. It was the 1st all boys residential school in Dehradun.

The campus is in the town of Dehradun on the foothills of Mussoorie - Queen of Hills in India, with 500 students and nine hostel buildings.

The school is secular and admits boys from all parts of the world representing all religions, castes and creeds. It provides no religious instruction, but secular prayers and congregational singing of secular and patriotic hymns are a part of the daily morning assembly.


The Founding[edit]

Colonel Brown Cambridge School was founded on 17 March 1926, by Col. and Mrs. William Brown. It was the 1st all boys residential school in Dehradun.

The motto of the school is Magna Est Veritas. Translated from Latin it means "Truth Is Great". The crest of the school has the initials of the school on the right hand corner with a lion for courage, a shamrock (the national symbol for Ireland), and a torch representing the torch of learning.


The Academic session is in two sessions - 30 July to 30 November (first term) and 30 January to 30 May (second term).


The school holds a very rigid policy as far as admission tests to the entrance classes are concerned. A child is admitted to the school purely on the basis of merit and recommendations of any kind debars him from admission to the school.


The school is run by the "N.S. Educational Society" registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and is recognized for the purpose of sending up students for the I.C.S.E..

Founder's Day[edit]

Founder's Day is celebrated each year on 30 November. There is a P.T. competition held on this day. The school celebrates Annual Day in the month of November. Arts & Crafts exhibition, march-past,P.T, yoga, Drama etc. are shown on this day to the parents who arrive to pick their child for winter vacations.

Notable alumni[edit]

The students studying at CBS are also called Brownians and the ex students are called ex-Brownians or simply Old Boys. Colonel Brown Cambridge School has produced many prominent and notable persons which include the following:

Ajit Singh(Politician)


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