Commando Libya

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Commando Libya
Cover art
Developer(s)Robert Pfitzner[1]
Platform(s)Commodore 64[1]
Genre(s)Shoot 'em up

Commando Libya is a shooter game for the Commodore 64, created by Robert Pfitzner in 1986. Although the title screen gives the game's complete title as Commando Libya Part I, a part II was never released.


The game's objective consists of aiming a machine gun turret to fire at enemies running across the screen. While these figures appear to carry weaponry, they aren't the ones representing the actual danger, but occasionally, bombs would appear and slowly approach the bottom of the screen, and unless fired at, explode and thus end the game.

While the game was far from state-of-the-art both graphic and soundwise, it approached notoriety with its "bonus level": After every level successfully completed, the game would display a line of POWs stood against a wall; the player can then execute them freely by simply holding the fire button and moving the joystick sideways. The game doesn't continue until all enemies have been shot.

The final touch in the game is the entry of initials for the high score; the letters appear on the shirts of three figures on their way to a guillotine. Upon entering the letters, the figures go through decapitation one-by-one.

The game underlines its intention to be obnoxious by labeling itself "The sadism game of the year" on the title screen, while the scrolling mission statement at the bottom says "The only thing you have to do, is to shoot humans...". The game itself also displays some sarcastic remarks (in bad English) at the end of each level, such as "That's funn!" (sic), "What a nice bonus" (upon finishing the "execution") or "That were Ghadaffi's children".


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