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Commodore LCD
Also known asCLCD
DeveloperCommodore International
Release dateShown January 1985 (1985-01), never released.[1][2][3]
Operating systemCommodore BASIC 3.6
CPURockwell 65C102 @ 2 MHz
Memory32 KB RAM
Storage96 KB ROM

The Commodore LCD (sometimes known in short as the CLCD) was a LCD-equipped laptop made by Commodore International. It was presented at the January 1985 Consumer Electronics Show, but never released; the CLCD was not directly compatible with other Commodore home computers, but its built-in Commodore BASIC 3.6 interpreter could run programs written in the Commodore 128's BASIC 7.0, as long as these programs did not include system-specific POKE commands. Like the Commodore 264 and Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 series computers, the CLCD had several ROM-based office application programs.

The CLCD featured a 2 MHz Rockwell 65C102 CPU (a CMOS 6502 variant) and 32 KB of RAM; the BASIC interpreter and application programs were built into 96 KB of ROM.


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