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Communication Arts
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Communication Arts Typography Annual 8 cover.jpg
Typography Annual 8 (January-February 2018)
Circulation63,043 [1]
PublisherPatrick Coyne
First issueAugust 1959
CompanyCoyne & Blanchard, Inc.
Based inMenlo Park, CA

Communication Arts is the largest international trade journal of visual communications.[1] Founded in 1959 by Richard Coyne and Robert Blanchard, the magazine's coverage includes graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration and interactive media; the magazine continues to be edited and published under the guidance of Coyne's wife Jean and their son Patrick Coyne. Currently, Communication Arts (CA) publishes six issues a year and hosts six creative competitions in graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration, typography and interactive media and two Web sites, and


The magazine was established in 1959;[2] the first issue debuted in August 1959 as the Journal of Commercial Art.[3] Among a number of innovations, it was the first U.S. magazine printed by offset lithography.[4]

Within six months, paid circulation grew to 10,000. Paid advertising, however, was low and CA was not a financial success. After Blanchard left to go into business by himself, Coyne and a small staff continued to write, design, and produce the magazine. Eventually, paid circulation increased to 38,000.[5]

CA's current audited paid circulation is 63,043[1] and an average of 3.1 people see each issue, giving Communication Arts an estimated reach of 189,129 readers.[6]


To generate additional income and editorial content, the magazine began an annual juried competition in 1960. Within a few years, the annual competition grew, and eventually segmented into four annual competitions: graphic design, advertising, photography, and illustration. A fifth competition, interactive, was added in 1995. All the CA competitions are juried by creative professionals; the judges hand out awards based on creativity and not ROI.

Online presences[edit]

CA was the first major design publication to launch a Web presence (Communication Arts) in 1995.[7] In addition to showcasing creative work in visual communications, it included job listings; the jobs section grew, and was relaunched in 2001 as a standalone website, Creative Hotlist. These two websites receive approximately three million page views and 250,000 unique visitors per month.[8]

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