Communist Party of Iran

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Communist Party of Iran
حزب کمونیست ایران
Founder Abdullah Mohtadi
Mansoor Hekmat
Founded Iranian Kurdistan, Iran, 1984; 34 years ago (1984)
Ideology Communism
Political position Far-left
Communist Party Of Iran

The Communist Party of Iran (Persian: حزب کمونیست ایران‎) is a banned Iranian communist party which is active in the fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It was founded in 1983 Iranian Kurdistan after Komalah (which since then became the Kurdistan branch of the organisation) merged with Union of Communist Militants. Today the organisation is working for freedom, political and social rights in Iran and Iranian Kurdistan. They also fight for women's rights, labor laws and workers' rights.

The party has representations in Germany (Köln and Frankfurt), Finland, Sweden (Göteborg and Stockholm), Norway, Denmark (Copenhagen), the UK (London), Australia and Canada (Toronto). An earlier version of the Iranian Communist Party was formed in 1980 in the United States by Iranian exile Siamak Zaim, and dispersed after their founder was imprisoned in Iran and executed.

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