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Community Boating Inc.
Not-for-profit corporation
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts
Key people
Joseph Lee Jr, Founder
Community Boating Inc. as seen from across the Charles River.

Community Boating, Inc. (CBI) is a private not-for-profit corporation run in association with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Organized as a company in 1946, it is the oldest continuously operating community sailing program in the United States,[1][2] it is located in Boston along the Charles River Esplanade between the Longfellow Bridge and the Hatch Shell.[3] CBI offers members instruction for sailing and windsurfing, and allows members to use CBI-owned sailboats on the Charles River.

CBI's primary boat is the Cape Cod Mercury, of which they have 82. All new members are introduced to sailing on this boat and must display proficiency in sailing with a jib in high winds before being allowed to sail high-performance boats. Two Mercuries are specially designed for persons with disabilities, their high-performance fleet includes 6 Rhodes 19s, 6 Sonars, 4 Ideal 18s, 13 Lasers, and 18 420s.[4] The 420 is the boat of choice for high school racing teams, which practice and race through CBI.

Each new member may progress from a green, yellow, and red sail rating that corresponds to skill level and wind speed.

CBI is most well known for being affordable and accessible to everyone; the universal access program, which allows disabled people the opportunity to sail Sonars or specially rigged Mercuries, costs only $1. The junior program, which is a summer camp for young people ages 10–18, costs $1–$300 (based on income) for the entire season (April 1 to October 31); the regular rates are intended to be accessible to a broad range of people; a year long adult membership costs $309.[5] Leonard Nimoy learned to sail here as a child.[6]


The mission of Community Boating, Inc. is to enable “Sailing for All”. We offer sailing and other water sports to people of all ages, abilities, and means in the greater Boston area. We promote an accessible and welcoming environment that encourages learning, volunteerism, and community spirit.[7]


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