Community Identification Number

The Official Municipality Key also known as the Official Municipality Characteristic Number or Municipality Code Number, is a number sequence for the identification of politically independent municipalities or unincorporated areas. Other classifications for the identification of areas include postal codes, NUTS codes or FIPS codes. 00923105059929 The municipality identifier consists of five digits in Austria, which are generated as follows: The first digit designates the number of the Austrian state, the second and third digits designate the district, the fourth and fifth digits designate the municipality. 3 25 21: Rappottenstein 3: Lower Austria 25: Zwettl district 21: Municipality of Rappottenstein9 07 01: Vienna - Neubau 9: Vienna 07: Neubau 01: District of Neubau 1 Burgenland 2 Carinthia 3 Lower Austria 4 Upper Austria 5 Salzburg 6 Styria 7 Tyrol 8 Vorarlberg 9 Vienna City listing with municipality key See Code officiel géographique. In Germany the Official Municipality Key serves statistical purposes and is issued by the statistics offices of individual German states.

The municipality key is to be indicated in instances such as changing residence on the notice of departure or registration documents. This is done at the registration office in every town's city hall; the municipality key consists of eight digits, which are generated as follows: The first two numbers designate the individual German state. The third digit designates the government district; the fourth and fifth digits designate the number of the district. The sixth and eighth digits indicate the municipality or the number of the unincorporated area. 08 1 11 000: Stuttgart 08: Baden-Württemberg 1: Government district of Stuttgart 11: Urban area of Stuttgart 000: No other municipality is available, since Stuttgart is an urban area15 3 52 002: Aschersleben 15: Saxony-Anhalt 3: Government district of Magdeburg 52: District of Aschersleben Staßfurt 002: City of Aschersleben 01: Schleswig-Holstein 02: Hamburg 03: Lower Saxony 04: Bremen 05: North Rhine-Westphalia 06: Hesse 07: Rhineland-Palatinate 08: Baden-Württemberg 09: Bavaria 10: Saarland 11: Berlin 12: Brandenburg 13: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 14: Saxony 15: Saxony-Anhalt 16: Thuringia City listing with municipality key Usually known as the municipal code or PSGC code, the number comprises nine digits rrppmmbbb, for which rr = region code, pp = province code, mm = city / municipality code, bbb = barangay code.

For example, the municipality of Ubay, Bohol has a code of 071246000 meaning region 07, province 12, municipality 46 with barangay code of zero signifying "not at this level." Bongbong, one of its constituent barangays, has a code of 071246007. The province code is independent of the region code. All PSGCs, are therefore; the Swiss Federal Statistical Office generates code numbers with up to four digits, which are sequentially assigned in accordance with the official order of the cantons and municipalities. A kommunkod is a numerical code given to all Swedish municipalities by the Swedish tax authorities; the code consists of four digits, the first two indicating which county the municipality is situated in, the last two specific for the municipality. The code system was introduced with the municipal reform of 1952. There were three different categories of municipalities at the time, which affected the number that they were allocated; those with stad-status were given codes ending in 80 to 99, smaller towns 60 to 79 and rural municipalities 01 to 59.

The county seats were allocated codes ending in 80. As part of the reform in the early 1970s, the categorization of municipalities was abolished, but the code was in most cases preserved; when several municipalities were merged, the code for the biggest municipality was kept. Municipalities of Sweden List of municipalities of Sweden

Derinda Township, Jo Daviess County, Illinois

Derinda Township is one of twenty-three townships in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, USA. As of the 2010 census, its population was 321 and it contained 176 housing units. Derinda Township was named in the 1850s for the wife of an early settler. According to the 2010 census, the township has a total area of 37.02 square miles, of which 36.96 square miles is land and 0.06 square miles is water. Woodbine Township Stockton Township Pleasant Valley Township Woodland Township, Carroll County Washington Township, Carroll County Hanover Township Elizabeth Township The township contains these four cemeteries: Albright/Fehler, Massbach/St. John's Evangelical Lutheran, Trinity Lutheran/Derinda Center, Morrison/Derinda Methodist. River Ridge Community Unit School District 210 Stockton Community Unit School District 206 West Carroll Community Unit School District 314 Illinois' 16th congressional district State House District 89 State Senate District 45 "Derinda Township, Jo Daviess County, Illinois". Geographic Names Information System.

United States Geological Survey. Retrieved 2010-01-17. United States Census Bureau 2007 TIGER/Line Shapefiles United States National Atlas Jo Daviess County official site Illinois State Archives Township Officials of Illinois

Health authority

Between 1996 and 2002 the English National Health Service was organised under the following health authorities. In 2002 the health authorities were reorganised and their boundaries changed to constitute 28 strategic health authorities, which were reduced in number to 10 in 2006. Prior to 1996 the service was organised according to regional health authorities. ‡ included part of High Peak in Derbyshire These Health Authorities were established in 1996. There were a few changes between and the final form shown above. There were separate authorities for Barnet and Enfield & Haringey, for Bexley & Greenwich and Bromley, for East & North Hertfordshire and South Hertfordshire, for the Isle of Wight & Portsmouth and South-East Hampshire; the area of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire was partitioned between three authorities: Cambridge & Huntingdon, East Norfolk, North West Anglia. North West Anglia included from Cambridgeshire: Peterborough, part of Huntingdonshire, from Norfolk: King's Lynn and West Norfolk and part of Breckland.

"East Riding and Hull" was known as "East Riding", "County Durham and Darlington" was known as "County Durham" Area health authority District health authority