Compagnie du Sénégal

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Senegal, from the 1707 map of "Barbaria, Nigritia, and Guinea" by Guillaume de l'Isle.

The compagnie du Sénégal (French for the "Senegal Company" or, more literally, the "Company of the Senegal") was a 17th-century French chartered company which administered the territories of Saint-Louis and Goree island as part of French Senegal.

First Company[edit]

The company succeeded to some of the territories of the French West India Company in 1672, just prior to its bankruptcy and the revocation of its charter in 1674. De Richmont[who?] served as governor of its territories from 1672–1673 and was succeeded by the company's director Jacques Fuméchon, who served from 1674–1682. The company's operations were then taken over by the Compagnies d'Afrique and de Guinée.

Second Company[edit]

In 1696, the compagnie royale du Sénégal ("Royal Company of the Senegal") was established and operated by Jean Bourguignon (Mar. 1696 – 4 April 1697) and André Brüe (4 April 1697 – 1 May 1702).

Third Company[edit]

In 1709, a third compagnie du Sénégal was established.

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