Companhia das Letras

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Companhia das Letras
Founded 1986
Founder Luiz Schwarcz
Country of origin Brazil
Headquarters location São Paulo
Publication types Books
Official website

Companhia das Letras is a Brazilian publisher founded in 1986 with headquarters in São Paulo.Founded by Luiz Schwarcz, who had experience working at the publisher Brasiliense, and his wife Lilia Moritz Schwarcz.[1] One of its first four books was To the Finland Station, by Edmund Wilson, a sales success that propelled the publisher; in the first twelve months of existence, it released 48 titles. Three years later, economist and writer Fernando Moreira Salles joined the project.

In December 2011, Penguin become a minor stakeholder of Companhia das Letras, acquiring 45% of the publisher. [2]

Some of the authors in the catalog[edit]


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