Companhia das Letras

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Companhia das Letras
Founded 1986
Founder Luiz Schwarcz
Country of origin Brazil
Headquarters location São Paulo
Publication types Books
Official website

Companhia das Letras is a Brazilian publisher founded in 1986 with headquarters in São Paulo.Founded by Luiz Schwarcz, who had experience working at the publisher Brasiliense, and his wife Lilia Moritz Schwarcz.[1] One of its first four books was To the Finland Station, by Edmund Wilson, a sales success that propelled the publisher. In the first twelve months of existence, it released 48 titles. Three years later, economist and writer Fernando Moreira Salles joined the project.

In December 2011, Penguin become a minor stakeholder of Companhia das Letras, acquiring 45% of the publisher. [2]

Some of the authors in the catalog[edit]


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