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Concurrency, concurrent, or concurrence may refer to:

  • Concurrence, in jurisprudence, the need to prove both actus reus and mens rea
  • Concurring opinion (also called a "concurrence"), a legal opinion which supports the conclusion, though not always the reasoning, of the majority.
  • Concurrency (computer science), the property of program, algorithm, or problem decomposition into order-independent or partially-ordered units
  • Concurrency (road), an instance of one physical road bearing two or more different route numbers
  • Concurrent Design Facility, an assessment center of the European Space Agency using concurrent engineering methods
  • Concurrent DOS, Digital Research's multiuser multitasking operating system, with "Concurrent" once being their registered trademark
  • Concurrent engineering, an engineering methodology emphasizing the parallelisation of tasks
  • Concurrent enrolment, a process in the US allowing students to enroll at a university or college while still in high school
  • Concurrent estate, a concept in property law
  • Concurrent lines, in geometry, multiple lines or curves intersecting at a single point
  • Concurrent resolution, a legislative measure passed by both chambers of the United States Congress
  • Concurrent sentences, in criminal law, periods of imprisonment that are served simultaneously