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Condorcaga is located in Peru
Shown within Peru
Location  Peru
Chota Province, Cajamarca
Coordinates 06°30′40.09″S 78°43′9.53″W / 6.5111361°S 78.7193139°W / -6.5111361; -78.7193139Coordinates: 06°30′40.09″S 78°43′9.53″W / 6.5111361°S 78.7193139°W / -6.5111361; -78.7193139
Type Settlement
Builder Chavín culture

Condorcaga (possibly from Quechua kuntur condor, qaqa rock)[1] is an archaeological zone in the region of Cajamarca, in Peru. It is situated in the Chota Province, Lajas District.[2] Condorcaga is also a natural viewpoint.[3] In the upper part of the mountain there are rock formations.[3]


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