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The Confederate Party was a political party in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.


The party was formed in 1953 as a successor to the Democratic Party by opponents of the federation,[1][2]

In the 1953 federal elections the party contested seats in all three territories, but only won a single seat in Southern Rhodesia, J. R. Dendy Young in Sebakwe. In the Southern Rhodesian general elections in January 1964 it failed to win a seat, but in the February 1954 general elections in Northern Rhodesia, supporters of the party (John Gaunt and Frank Derby) won two of the twelve seats running as independents.[3]

The party disintegrated after its defeat in the federal elections, and was succeeded by the Dominion Party, established in 1956.[4] However, a rump of the party continued in existence and contested one seat in the 1958 federal elections.[5]


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