Constantine Manasses

Constantine Manasses was a Byzantine chronicler who flourished in the 12th century during the reign of Manuel I Komnenos. He was the author of a chronicle or historical synopsis of events from the creation of the world to the end of the reign of Nikephoros Botaneiates, sponsored by Irene Komnene, the emperor's sister-in-law, it consists of about 7000 lines in political verse. It appeared in a free prose translation. Chronicle edition: Bekker, Bonn 1837. Bianu, Bucharest, 1922. In 1969 Bulgaria issued two sets of stamps depicting important scenes of the chronicle, to celebrate it. Manasses wrote the poetical romance Loves of Aristander and Callithea in political verse, it is only known from the fragments preserved in the rose-garden of Macarius Chrysocephalus. Manasses wrote a short biography of Oppian, some descriptive pieces on artistic and other subjects. Attribution: "Constantine Manasses". Encyclopædia Britannica. Archived from the original on October 27, 2011. Retrieved September 3, 2011. Media related to Constantine Manasses at Wikimedia Commons

Gulph Mills station

Gulph Mills station is a SEPTA rapid transit station in Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania. It serves the Norristown High Speed Line and is located at Trinity Road and Crest Lane in Radnor Township, however another parking lot can be found across the tracks on South Gulph Road; this parking lot is only accessible for northbound drivers along South Gulph Road, though. All trains stop at Gulph Mills. Transfers are available for buses to the King of Prussia mall; the station lies 10.3 track miles from 69th Street Terminal. There is off-street parking available at this station. SEPTA Route 95 Bus: to Plymouth Meeting Mall and Willow Grove Park Mall. SEPTA Route 124: Center City to King of Prussia mall or Chesterbrook SEPTA Route 125: Center City to King of Prussia mall or Valley Forge. SEPTA -- Gulph Mills NHSL Station Station from Google Maps Street View

Naval Operations Command (Ireland)

Naval Operations Command is the principal command component of the Irish Naval Service responsible for all day-to-day activities of the service, both at sea and on shore. One of three major command components of the NS this command is responsible for overseeing the work and mission objectives of all Irish naval vessels at sea who report directly to Naval Operations Command at Naval Base Haulbowline; the command is a direct subordinate to Naval Headquarters and is overseen by Officer Commanding Naval Operations Command. The OCNOC reports directly to the head of the Irish Naval Service, the Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service. At the heart of Naval Operations Command is the Naval Operations HQ, which coordinates all the work of the NOC. Under it falls three sections: Intelligence and Fisheries, Fleet Operational Readiness Standards and Training and Shore Operations; this section oversees fisheries surveillance. Bodies within this section include: Naval Intelligence Cell Navigation Cell - provides navigational support services to the Naval Service and various client agencies.

Naval Computer Centre Fisheries Monitoring Centre - a specialised unit of the NS that oversees the identification and surveillance of fisheries vessels in Irish waters as part of the Vessel Monitoring System. The Fishery Monitoring Centre coordinates with fisheries agencies in other countries; the delivery by the Naval Service of a professional service with a high degree of certainty requires specific fleet standards, quality control and the monitoring of personnel and equipment in action. The standards and quality control, of the wide variety of routines necessary to operate the fleet, are the “bedrock” of effective operations, their importance heightens when the ship tasking becomes more complex and when ships combine into task forces for particular operations. It was, deemed important to establish an organic operational evaluation capability in order to meet the delivery of Government/DF/NS operational requirements. In September 2008, the Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service directed the establishment of the NS Fleet Operational Readiness and Training Section within Naval Operations Command.

The sections mission statement is “To assist in the provision of Generation and Evaluation of Operational Capability to NS Ships through professional support and coaching”. Naval Service Operations Room Ops Security Section - provides security for base operations at Haulbowline. Naval Base Comcen - maintains the base phone and communications systems. Boat Transport - operated by the harbour master providing ferry services between Haulbowline and the mainland as well as all berthage operations at the base. Naval Service Diving Section