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Local Government Journal of Australasia

The Construction and Local Government Journal[1] was a weekly publication, edited by George Augustine Taylor and, after his death in 1928, by his widow Florence Mary Taylor, on the subject of the building, construction and local government. It was later published as the Construction and Real Estate Journal.[2]


The newspaper began life as the publication, Weekly Supplement to Building (18 Feb 1908 – 31 Aug. 1909); it then became Construction: weekly supplement to Building (7 Sept. 1909 – 3 Nov. 1913). It then became Construction and Local Government Journal (10 Nov. 1913 – 23 July 1930) and then Construction and Real Estate Journal (30 July 1930 – 11 May 1938).[2]


Some of the versions of the paper have been digitised as part of the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program project hosted by the National Library of Australia.[3]

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