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Contemporary guqin player Wu Ziying

This is a list of contemporary players of the guqin of the 20th and 21st centuries. It attempts to list most notable players (i.e. if they are publicly known and/or have made a significant contribution to qin music).

Table guide[edit]

  • Personal Names (English): Gives name(s) of person in English. If that person was born with a Chinese name, it is listed in Mandarin pinyin. If one has a Cantonese or other Chinese dialect name, the Mandarin pinyin takes priority over it in order listing; the names will be listed in alphabetical order. For the sake of tidiness, the Family name will go first.
  • Personal Names (Chinese): Given name(s) of the person in traditional full Chinese characters. If that person does not have a Chinese name, it would be marked 'None'.
  • Other Names, Titles and Styles: Any other names or handles the person has used, such as pen names, painting names, styles, etc. This includes any titles, chivalric orders or degree ranks decreed upon the person, such as Professor, PhD, MBE, etc.
  • Dates: Gives the year of birth and death of said person. If not known, then deceased (dec.) or active (act.) will be used instead.
  • School or Base: The person's school or where they are currently active if known.
  • Remarks: Any important information about this person, e, g. their occupation, experience, etc.

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR[edit]

Personal Names (English) Personal Names (Chinese) Other Names, Titles and Styles Dates School or Base Remarks
Tsar Teh-yun (Mandarin: Cai Deyun) 蔡德允 Madam; SBS (銀紫荊星章) 1905—2007 Hong Kong Head of the Deyin Qinshe of Hong Kong, oldest qin player in the last generation. Disciple of Shen Caonong.
Chen Changlin 陳長林 1932- Min/Lingnan Schools Transmitter of the Min School. As computer scientist and well-respected guqin player, he participated in the early phase of a "Digital Guqin" project and presented a version using C++, demonstrated a software for generating guqin notations on PC286 which runs on DOS, created in the early 1980s. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Chen Leiji 陳雷激 1967— Shanghai? Student of Gong Yi. Performed at the 2008 Olympics.
Chen Wen 陳雯 1961— Taiwan
Cheng Gongliang 成公亮 1940—2015 Guangling School Professor of Guqin at Nanjing Conservatory of Music. Notable researcher and composer of guqin music.
Dai Xiaolian 戴曉蓮 1963 - Guangling School Professor of Guqin at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Grand-niece of Zhang Ziqian.
Ding Chengyun 丁承運 1944— Shu
Ding Jiyuan 丁紀園 1942— Shu School
Gong Yi 龔一 1941— Shanghai (Conservatory) Elite professional qin player previously from the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Guan Pinghu 管平湖 名平, 字吉廠 1897—1967 Jiuyi Revered master; dapued many qin scores such as Liu Shui and Guangling San. In 1977, his recording of Liu Shui (Flowing Water) was chosen to be included in the Voyager Golden Record, a collection of world music sent into space on the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft
Guan Zhonghang 關仲航 1900—1970 Jiuyi School
Gu Meigeng 顧梅羹 1899—1990 Shu School; Huayang
Gu Zechang 顧澤長 1941— Shu School
Huang Mianzhi 黃勉之 1853—1919 Jiuyi School
Le Ying 樂瑛 1911—? Jiuyi School
Li Fan 李璠 1913—2008 Shu School 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Li Feng 李楓 字哲芬 (act.) Taiwan Plays on silk strings; has released a CD
Li Fengyun 李鳳雲 (act.) Tianjin Student of Zhang Ziqian. professor in Tianjin Conservatory of Music. She has published a solo CD album by Hugo
Li Kongyuan 李孔元 (act.)
Li Mingzhong 李明忠 (act.) Shanxi Qin scholar and maker
Li Xiangting 李祥霆 Professor 1940— Beijing (Conservatory) Elite professional qin player. Current president of the China Guqin Committee. Noted for improvisation. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Li Yuxian 李禹賢 1937— Mei'an School
Lin Youren 林友人 1938—2013 Guangling School Professor of Guqin at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Transmitter of the Guangling school. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Liu Chicheng 劉赤城 1938—2019 Mei'an School 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Lau Chor-wah (Mandarin: Liu Chuhua) 劉楚華 Professor 1951- Hong Kong One of the top players in Hong Kong
Liu Jingshao 劉景韶 字琴子 1903—1987 Mei'an School
Liu Shaochun 劉少椿 劉平沙 1901—1971 Guangling School A player of the Guangling School, noted for his eccentric style and interparation
Liu Zhengchun 劉正春 1935— Jinling
Lo Ka Ping (Mandarin: Lu Jiabing) 盧家炳 Philip 1896—1980 Hong Kong Has released a CD of his recordings
Long Qinfang 龍琴舫 1886—1959 Shu School
Mei Yueqiang 梅曰強 字南移 1929—2003 Guangling School
Pang Yuzhu 龐雨珠 1935— Mei'an School
Pei Tiexia 裴鐵俠 字雪琴 1884—1950 Shu School
Peng Zhiqing 彭祉卿 1891—1946 Shu School
Pu Xuezhai 溥雪齋 1893—1966 Beijing The cousin of the last emperor of China, Puyi. An artist of Chinese painting.
Rao Zongyi (Jao Tsung-I) 饒宗頤 字固庵, 號選堂 1917— Lingnan School Famous Sinologist, Professor Emeritus and lecturer at CUHK.
Rong Tianqi 容天折 號琴禪 1936—1994 Guangdong
Shen Caonong 沈草農 1891—1973 Fanchuan School, Shanghai
Sun Shaotao 孫紹陶 1879—1949 Guangling School
Sun Yuqin 孫毓芹 1915—1990 Taiwan
Tong Kin-woon (Mandarin: Tang Jianyuan) 唐健垣 PhD 1946- Hong Kong Guqin player and teacher, chief editor of Qinfu 琴府, a composite volume of ancient scores (not to be confused with the Qin Fu of Ji Kang). As well, a virtuoso of the guzheng and nanyin (a singing style).
Wang Di 王迪 (dec.) Jiuyi School Female student of Guan Pinghu, did a cross country survey of qin players in 1956, tape recorded qin players using magnetic tapes. These recordings are now in Shanghai.
Wang Duo 汪鐸 名珍昌 1938— Suzhou Guqin player of the Wumen Qinshe of Suzhou. Head of Guqin Research Centre of Suzhou University of Science and Technology. Special research topics include: silk strings, Dapu, Taoist Guqin music, Guqin master player and musician in the "Digital Guqin" project entitled "Zebrafish".
Wang Huade 王華德 1922—2008 Shu School
Wang Lu 王露 字心葵 1879—1921 Zhucheng School Founder of the 德音琴社 in Jinan.
Wang Shengxiang 王生香 原名敬亭, 號賣履翁 1902—1975 Jinling, Shandong
Wang Yanying 王燕卿 名賔魯 1867—1921 Zhucheng and Mei'an Founder of the Mei'an School
Wang Yongchang 王永昌 1940— Mei'an School
Wang Youdi 王悠荻 (act.) Hong Kong Guqin performer, Guqin teacher at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), and Guqin tutor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Enlightened by Prof. Gong Yi; Bachelor of Arts degree from the Central Conservatory of Music in 2010, Supervisor: Prof. Zhao Jiazhen; Master of Music degree from HKAPA in 2012, instructed by Dr. TSE Chun-Yan. Winner of the Gold Medal of the Second National Guqin Competition in 2009. Guqin music design and performance in Three Kingdoms (TV series).
Wei Zhongle 衛仲樂 1908/9—1998 Shanghai A virtuoso of many Chinese instruments, including the pipa and dizi, and important figure in Jiangnan Sizhu.
Weng Yucang 翁瘦蒼 名之潤 1916—2002 Yushan School
Wu Jinglüe 吳景略 名韜, 號縵叟 1907—1987 Yushan School Elite master noted for his prominent role in the modernization and professionalization of the instrument
Wu Jinyang 吳浸陽 字觀月, 號純白 1882—? Sichuan
Wu Lansun 吳蘭蓀 名建 1883—1960 Yushan School
Wu Wenguang 吳文光 PhD 1946- Yushan School Elite professional qin player; son of Wu Jinglue and transmitter of the Yushan school. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Wu Zhao 吳釗 1935— Beijing Former president of the Beijing Guqin Society; has published books and research on the qin. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Wu Zhaoji 吳兆基 字湘泉 1908—1997 Hunan Transmitter of the Wu style
Wu Zonghan 吳宗漢 字滙江 1902—1991 Mei'an School
Xia Yifeng 夏一峰 1872—1963 Jinling
Xie Daoxiu 謝導秀 1940—2019 Lingnan School
Tse Chun-Yan (Mandarin: Xie Junren) 謝俊仁 MD (act.) Hong Kong One of the top players in Hong Kong
Xie Xiaoping 謝孝萍 ?—1998 Yushan School
Xu Jian 許健 (act.) Beijing Qin scholar who wrote the Qinshi Chubian
Xu Kuanghua 徐匡華 1917—2007 Zhejiang Founder of the Xihu Qin Society. Appeared in the film, Hero. Died Feb 13, 2007.
Xu Lisun 徐立蓀 名卓, 號笠僧 1897—1969 Mei'an School
Xu Shaoying 徐曉英 1937— Zhe School
Xu Yuan-bai 徐元白 1893—1957 Zhe School
Xu Zhongwei 徐忠偉 1920— Yushan School
Yang Xinlun 楊新倫 字克定 1898—1990 Lingnan School
Yang Zongji 楊宗稷 字時百, 號九嶷山人 1865—1931 Jiuyi School Founder of the Jiuyi School, compiler of the Qinxue Congshu.
Yao Bingyan 姚丙炎 1921—1983 Zhe School Dapued (transcribed) the classic version of Jiu Kuang in triple-time rhythm.
Yao Gongbai 姚公白 1948— Zhejiang Yao Bingyan's second son. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Yao Gongjing 姚公敬 1955— Yao Bingyan's third son
Ye Mingpei 葉名佩 1929— Zhe School
Yu Bosun 俞伯蓀 1922— Shu School
Yu Qingxin 余青欣 1956- Beijing 古琴协会秘书长, 国家一级演员, 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Yu Shaoze 喻紹澤 1903—1987 Shu School Transmitter of the Shu School
Zeng Chengwei 曾成偉 Associate Professor 1958— Shu School; Chengdu Highly regarded guqin maker as well as transmitter of the Shu School.
Zha Fuxi 查阜西 1895—1976 Yushan School Great researcher and player of qin music, specialising in qin songs.
Zhan Chengqiu 詹澂秋 名智睿, 字水雲, 號襄陽學人 1890—1973 Zhucheng School
Teo Kheng-chong (Mandarin: Zhang Qingchong) 張慶崇 (act.) Hong Kong Guqin player and researcher from Singapore, musician in sound properties of the guqin instrument, has developed a bright style of guqin playing. Participated in the "Digital Guqin" project entitled: "Pale Ink". Teacher of guqin, and scholar researcher of guqin music.
Zhang Qingji 張清治 字理玄 1940— Taiwan
Zhang Youhe 張友鶴 1895—1940 Zhucheng School
Zhang Zhisun 章志蓀 字梓琴, 齋名『研易習琴齋』 1885—? Taiwan
Zhang Ziqian 張子謙 原名張益昌, 張龍翔 1899—1991 Guangling School Revered master of the Guangling School.
Zhao Jiazhen 赵家珍 (act.) Beijing Student of Wu Wenguang and professor at the China Conservatory of Music; Wu Na was a student of Zhao. Zhao has explored film music with guqin and has set up the Zhao Jiazhen Guqin Art Centre (赵家珍古琴艺术中心) in Beijing.
Zhao Xiaoxia 赵晓霞 Beijing Virtuoso who plays internationally (ex: Tan Dun's piece at UNESCO in Paris (Concert Music for Water, March 22, 2013), and teacher at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.
Zheng Minzhong 鄭泯中 (act.) Jiuyi School; Beijing Student of Guan Pinghu, well-respected player, specialist in guqin connoisseurship in Palace Museum, Beijing. 國家級非物質文化遺產項目(古琴藝術)代表性傳承人.
Zheng Yunfei 鄭雲飛 1939—

United States of America[edit]

Personal Names (English) Personal Names (Chinese) Other Names, Titles and Styles Dates School or Base Remarks
Binkley, Jim 畢克禮 M.S.C.S. (act.) Portland, Oregon Translated the Yugu Zhai Qinpu into English, amateur qin maker. Website
Dydo, Stephen 戴德 (act.) Yonkers, NY Co-founder and current president of New York Qin Society; also makes guqin. Website
He, Yu 何宇 (act.) Columbus, OH Student of Shuishan Yu;
Liang, Mingyue 梁銘越 David (act.) Ellicott City, MD Son of the renowned Taiwanese guzheng player/scholar Liang Tsai-Ping
Li, Yiming 李一鳴 Professor (act.) San Francisco, CA A Qin player ( taught by Gu,Zechang.Gong Yi. Li, Xiangting. Zhao, jiazhen) and Guqin Society International President in San Francisco. Graduate of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Liaoning Province, PRC.
Lieberman, Fredric None PhD (dec.) Santa Cruz, CA Translated the Mei'an Qinpu into English.
Liu Li 劉麗 (act.) New York, NY A graduate in Guqin performance at the Central Conservatory in Beijing, taught by renowned players such as Wu Jinglüe, Wu Wenguang as well as Li Xiangting. An Associate Professor in Guqin at the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing before moving to the US. Collaborated with composer Tan Dun and violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman on recording the soundtrack for the movie Hero
Lui Pui-Yuen[1] 吕培原 (act.) Los Angeles, CA Student of Wu Zonghan, Meian School. Well-known pipa master. Director of the Spring Thunder Chinese Music Orchestra, 春雷国乐社。
Lui Tsun-Yuen[2][3] Los Angeles, CA Brother of Lui Pui-Yuen. Headed Chinese Music Program at UCLA's Department of Ethnomusicology/
Jiaoyue Lyu 吕皎月 BA, MA (act.) New York University New York, NY A Guqin and Zhu(筑) performer based in New York City, held the solo recital at Carnegie Hall on June 2, 2014 and October 29, 2016 in Lincoln Center of Performing Arts.
Yung, Bell (Mandarin: Rong Hongzeng) 榮鴻曾 PhD (act.) Pittsburgh
Thompson, John 唐世璋 BA, MA (act.) New York, NY American whose "historically informed performance" includes over 150 melodies he has reconstructed from early tablature including the entire Shen Qi Mi Pu. His website includes translation, analysis and over 70 sound files with his reconstructions.
Wang Fei 王菲 MA; Emily (act.) San Francisco Bay Area, CA A qin player (taught by Li Xiangting) based in the United States
Wong Gleysteen, Marilyn (Mandarin: Wang Miaolian) 王妙蓮 (act.) Washington, D.C.
Wu Ziying 吳自英 Professor 1943— Seattle, WA A guqin and pipa player (taught by Wang Jiru 王吉儒, Wu Jinglüe吳景略, Zha Fuxi 查阜西, Sun Zongpeng 孫宗彭, Xu Lisun 徐立蓀, and Gu Meigeng 顧梅羹); former professor of traditional Chinese Music at Shanghai Normal University and director of the Shanghai Qin Association; produced two exceptionally fine CDs of guqin classics with the support of the 2006 Jack Straw Artist Support Program.


Yang Shin-yi 楊信宜 (act.) Boston, MA Student of Wang Haiyan (Mei'an school) and Tang Jianyuan
Yip Mingmei (Mandarin: Ye Mingmei) 葉明媚 PhD (act.) New York, NY Qin scholar, a student of Cai Deyun
Yeh Shihhua 葉時華 Judy Yeh (act.) New York, NY Graduated from Taipei University of the Art, major in the qin. MA of Ethnomusicology of Sheffield University, UK. A professional qin and zheng player and educator.
Yu Shuishan 于水山 Mei'an School inheritor; PhD in Art History (act.) Boston, MA Student of Wu Ziying; founder of the North America Mei'an Guqin Society, professor of architecture at Northeastern University
Yuan Jungping 袁中平 (act.) New York, NY Student of Sun Yuqin and Wu Zhaoji; founder of the New York Qin Society
Zhang Peiyou 張培幼 Judy Chang (act.) New York, NY A qin player and teacher (former student of Yuan Jungping) based in the United States.


Wang, Geng 王耕 (act.) Iowa City, IA Student of Li Fengyun Website
Wang, Bohan 王博瀚 B.S.C.E. (UCD) (act.) San Francisco Bay Area, CA Student of Wu Ziying

United Kingdom[edit]

Personal Names (English) Personal Names (Chinese) Other Names, Titles and Styles Dates School or Base Remarks
Cheng Yu 程玉 BMus(Xi'an), MMus, PhD(Lond.) (act.) London Qin and pipa player from Beijing now resident in London. Founder and President of the London Youlan Qin Society and several Chinese music ensembles in Britain.
Joseph, Julian 周聚鰱 BSc(Lond.) (act.) Wiltshire Secretary of the London Youlan Qin Society.
Tsua, Charles Rupert 徐永裕 BA(Wolv.), FBS, [FRAsiaS], FGMS; 字長韻。 1983— Shu School; Birmingham Former compiler of the guqin and most relating articles on Wikipedia. Member of the Committee of the London Youlan Qin Society. Studied under Zeng Chengwei and plays primarily under the Shu School style.


Personal Names (English) Personal Names (Chinese) Other Names, Titles and Styles Dates School or Base Remarks
Wong, Fred (Mandarin: Huang Shuzhi) 黃樹志 (act.) Coquitlam, BC Producer of the Taigu silk strings. Editor of modern qin book series, Qinxue Congkan
Kiu Shan (Mandarin: Qiao Shan) 喬姍 (act.) Vancouver, BC Founder of Jiuyi Qin Association
Yeung, Juni L. (Mandarin: Yang Junli) 楊儁立 BA(Toronto), MA (CUHK); 楊雪亭﹑號燕梵﹑西原齋主﹑瀨溪琴伶; Pen name: Satsuki Shizuka 五月 靜 1987— Toronto, ON Founder and President of the University of Toronto Guqin Association (now the Toronto Guqin Society).


Personal Names (English) Personal Names (Chinese) Other Names, Titles and Styles Dates School or Base Remarks
Dahmer, Manfred 曼大墨 (act.) Germany Qin and guitar player, book author ("Qin - die klassische chinesische Griffbrettzither"), scholar in Chinese culture.
Li, Pengpeng 李蓬蓬 (act.) Weimar, Germany Daughter of the famous guqin player, Li Xiangting (China)
Stoevesandt, Ingo None (act.) Ritterhude, Germany Maintainer of "The music of Southeast Asia".
Ziegler, Henning 奇和寜 MA (act.) Berlin, Germany Website


Personal Names (English) Personal Names (Chinese) Other Names, Titles and Styles Dates School or Base Remarks
Chow, Shuen-git / Swannjie (Mandarin: Zhou Xuanjie) 周旋捷 PhD (act.) Canada/France/China-HK Chinese Canadian, created video documentary of Master guqin players, and children players - largest collection outside of China. Initiated the "Digital Guqin" projects to introduce guqin sounds to a wider, youthful audience as a lead in for authentic guqin culture and practice. Designed new guqin forms, research-creations using CAO (computer assisted composition) to explore possibilities of guqin sound wave treatments in contemporary art and culture. Created new designs in traditional guqin instruments, i.e. the "Half HunDun 2006", building of Digital Guqin Museum in 3D immersive virtual world platform Secondlife.

> World's First Carbon Fiber Guqin prototype : original design "Half HunDun", July 2016. weight 2.38 kg. Carbon Fiber and lacquer, hard wood > Second prototype in the making : original design "Who's in the Qin?"

[1],[2], Website

Fushimi Kiyoshi 伏見靖 無家 Muka 1956- Kyoto, Japan Guqin player, scholar in Japanese and Chinese traditional music. Style lineage from Mme. Tsar Teh-yun. Director of Kamakura Qin Society then the 疇祉琴社 Chûshi Qin Society.
Michele Cesaratto (act.) Udine, Italy Guqin player, performer of Jiang Kui ci, founder of Chinese traditional music ensemble "Pelagia Noctiluca". Currently based in Florence.
Gulik, Robert Hans van 高羅佩 PhD 1910—1967 Netherlands Dutch writer who wrote the important Lore of the Chinese Lute, also famous detective novelist, Ming style woodblock print specialist, diplomat. Erudite scholar in Chinese culture.
Kim, Sang-sun 金商順 (김상순) (act.) Seoul, Korea Gayageum player who went to China to study guqin under Li Xiangting. Has an album published in Korea called 琴聲還鳴 (금성환명).
Sakata Shinichi 坂田進一 (act.) Japan Guqin player, composer, scholar in the Japanese and Chinese traditional music, writer, director of Tokyo Kin-sha (Tokyo Qin Society).
Vigo, Joan M 易兆安 Dipl.-Inform(Catal.) (act.) Spain Founder and webmaster of the Friends of Guqin website.
Streller-Shen, Qin 沈沁 Guqin player and guqin teacher, Master of Philosophy from China Conservatory of Music (act.) Switzerland Teacher and webmaster of the website.
Takei Yuki

(Gao Yusheng)



Guqin player and guqin teacher. 1963- Tokyo, Japan Representative Director of [4] Japan Society for Promotions of Guqin (Inc. Association)

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