Convent of the Calced Augustinians, Toledo

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Main facade of the church of the Convento de las Agustinas.

The Convent of the Calced Augustinians (Spanish: Convento de las Agustinas Calzadas) is an Augustinian convent located in Toledo, Spain. The word "calzadas" translates to "calced", in English. This additionally refers to the fact that the community wore shoes; rather than going barefoot as other religious orders do.[1] The building is designated a Property of Cultural Interest.

The building contains a small central courtyard surrounded by living and working quarters. The convent was adapted in the mid-18th century from existing structures; paid for by Luis II Fernandez de Cordoba. Count of Teba and Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo between 1755 and 1771.[2]



  • This contains information taken from the homonymous article in the Spanish Wikipedia.

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