Convento de San Juan de la Penitencia, Toledo

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Facade of the Convento de San Juan de la Penitencia

The Convento de San Juan de la Penitencia or Colegio de Doncellas pobres de San Juan de la Penitencia is a Isabelline ex-convent built in 1514 with the aim to rescue women from the street until they marry or insert them into religious life.[1]

It was commissioned by Don Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros and built by architect Pedro Gumiel, combining elements of Moorish style with the Renaissance. The altarpiece of the convent was made by Alejandro Semini.[2]

It suffered a devastating fire in 1936, serving later as a refuge for the homeless after the Spanish Civil War.

The building currently houses the Music Conservatory and the Center for International Studies of the Ortega y Gasset Foundation.


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