Convincing Clooney

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Convincing Clooney
DVD release cover
Directed by Alexander Cartio
Produced by Alexander Cartio, Sulo Williams (executive producer)
Shayla Freeman (co-producers)
Misha Cartio, J.C. Robbins (associate producers)
Screenplay by Sulo Williams
Starring Sulo Williams
Aimee Garcia
Kelly Perine
Hadley Fraser
Wilson Cruz
Rosanna Arquette
Cinematography Alexander Cartio
Edited by Alexander Cartio, Richard Nastasi, John Travers
Distributed by AtlantisPic Pictures
Release date
  • November 8, 2011 (2011-11-08)
Country United States
Language English

Convincing Clooney is a 2011 comedy film directed by Alexander Cartio. It was written by Cartio's longtime collaborator, actor and screenwriter Sulo Williams and produced and directed by Cartio, it was filmed in the studios of AtlantisPic Pictures / Synkronized. It was released on November 8, 2011 on DVD.


The film starts with the slogan: "Welcome to Hollywood... where dreams come true. Or do they?" And the film has the solution: "If at first you don't succeed, try again... and again... and again...!"

It tells the story of a young Los Angeles artist Jackson, who is faced with rejection at every turn both as an actor and as the writer of his first screenplay, his best friends Chris and Disco have always managed to put a positive spin on his failures. He loses his keys, his wallet, his job and his girlfriend. It's his worst week ever. And it's Monday! But now, after meeting Amy who has a job that puts her in direct contact with big stars, Jackson decides on his next "dream"... his first ever low-budget short film will involve a main role, for, of all people, George Clooney.

Jackson is then caught between a desire to succeed... and a desire to take care of the one person who has truly taken care of him. Convincing Clooney is a movie about not just making it, but the unpredictable road taken to get there.


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