Copa de Honor Cousenier

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Copa de Honor Cusenier
Copa Cusenier.jpg
The trophy awarded to champions
Organising bodyArgentina AFA
Uruguay AUF
Abolished1920; 98 years ago (1920)
RegionSouth America
Related competitionsCopa Honor (Arg)
Copa Honor (Uru)
Last championsArgentina Boca Juniors (1920)
Most successful club(s)Uruguay Nacional
(4 titles)

Copa de Honor Cousenier was an international football club competition which was played 13 times between representatives of the Argentina and Uruguay associations between 1905 and 1920.


The trophy was donated by "E. Cusenier Fils Auné & Cie.", a French liqueur company that had installed a factory in Buenos Aires in the 1890s,[1] giving its name to the competition. Initially, the cup was set to be played between representatives of AFA, AUF and Liga Rosarina.

The format of the cup consisted in a final between the last champions of Argentine Copa de Honor and Uruguayan Copa de Honor. If necessary, a second match was played. It was similar to Tie Cup but the final games were played at Montevideo instead of Buenos Aires. The first edition was played in 1905 and the last took place in 1920.

List of champions[edit]


The following list includes all the editions of the cup. All the final games were held in Montevideo.[2]

Year Champion Runner-up Score
1905 Uruguay Nacional Argentina Alumni 3-2
1906 Argentina Alumni Uruguay Nacional 2-2
[note 1]
1907 Argentina Belgrano AC Uruguay CURCC 2-1
1908 Uruguay Wanderers Argentina Quilmes 2-0
1909 Uruguay CURCC Argentina San Isidro 4-2
1911 Uruguay CURCC Argentina Newell's 2-0
1912 Uruguay River Plate (M) Argentina Racing 2-1
1913 Argentina Racing Uruguay Nacional 1-1
[note 1]
(Only played by Uruguayan clubs) [note 2]
1915 Uruguay Nacional Argentina Racing 2-0
1916 Uruguay Nacional Argentina Rosario Central 6-1
1917 Uruguay Nacional Argentina Racing 3-1
1918 Uruguay Peñarol Argentina Independiente 4-0
1920 Argentina Boca Juniors [note 3] Uruguay Universal 2-0

Titles by club[edit]

Club Titles Years won
Uruguay Nacional 4 1905, 1915, 1916, 1917
Uruguay CURCC/Peñarol [note 4] 3 1909, 1911, 1918
Argentina Alumni 1 1906
Argentina Belgrano AC 1 1907
Uruguay Wanderers 1 1908
Uruguay River Plate (M) 1 1912
Argentina Racing 1 1913 [6]
Argentina Boca Juniors 1 1920 [7]

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  1. ^ a b A second game had to be played after the final match ended tied.
  2. ^ Some historians do not include this final due to it was played between representatives of the same country. Nacional beat Peñarol by 1–0.
  3. ^ Banfield won the Copa de Honor MCBA in 1920 and should have played Universal but the club disaffiliated from the Argentine Association soon after, therefore Boca Juniors (as runner-up) took its place.[3]
  4. ^ With Peñarol being recognised as a CURCC's continuity by FIFA,[4] the club included the championships won by CURCC in its own honours. Controversy exists on the date of the founding of C.A. Peñarol. The club's official position assumes a change of name of CURCC (founded on December 28, 1891). On the other hand, some historians state that "C.A. Peñarol" was established on December 13, 1913.[5]


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