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Hvidovre Fighters
Hvidovre Fighters.jpg
City Hvidovre
League Metal Ligaen
Founded 1966
Home arena Hvidovre Skøjtehal
(Capacity: 2000)
Colors White and Black
Head coach Peter Enehag
Franchise history
1966–2007 Hvidovre Ishockey
2007–2009 Totempo HvIK
2009–2011 Hvidovre Ligahockey
2011–2013 Copenhagen Hockey
2013–2014 Hvidovre IK
2014 – present Hvidovre Fighters

Hvidovre Fighters/Copenhagen Hockey is a professional ice hockey team based in Hvidovre, Denmark. They are playing on the second best hockey league in Denmark, 1.division. Founded in 1966, they have taking on many different names, starting with the founding name, Hvidovre Ishockey and now Hvidovre Fighters. The team has previously been part of the best Danish hockey league, but due to their financial struggle, it has declared bankruptcy many times, resulting in its many change of names. The team currently plays out of the Hvidovre Skøjtehal arena.


The team, formerly known as Hvidovre Wolves, was new in the league from the 2007–08 season. The name TOTEMPO HvIK is the result of a sponsorship deal. On 29 January 2009, the club of G Rob McVicar (Brandon), withdrew from the Danish Elitserien and filed for bankruptcy on Monday after their two main sponsors pulled out on them. One, car service company Totempo, filed for bankruptcy and the second, office machine company NRG Scandinavia, disputed their sponsorship agreement, saying it was entered into by a sales and marketing manager at NRG who didn't have the authority and has since been fired. As a result, the club was short 2 million Danish crowns (about $428,000 Canadian) in revenue.

After withdrawing from the top Danish hockey league, Hvidovre played one year in the 1.division as Hvidovre IK. In 2014 they changed their name to Hvidovre Fighters, as a result of a new beginning and vision for Hvidovre IK. The sole purpose of the new name was to change the organisation and rebuild the club, so that they one day in the near future could return to the best Danish league.

in their second season as Hvidovre Fighters they accomplished their goal of a being a top 4 team, by advancing all the way to the finals, having to settle for a silver medal, after losing to Vojens IK. With the future goal of returning to the best Danish league, Hvidovre fighters decided to stay another year in the 1.division, continuing to build up their team and organisation.[1]

In 2017 Hvidore Fighters, after winning 1.div, they got their papers approved and would once again play in the top league in danish hockey.