Copper Mountain (Alberta)

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Copper Mountain
Copper Mountain is located in Alberta
Copper Mountain
Copper Mountain
Location in Alberta
Highest point
Elevation2,795 m (9,170 ft) [1]
Prominence479 m (1,572 ft) [2]
Coordinates51°12′30″N 115°53′00″W / 51.20833°N 115.88333°W / 51.20833; -115.88333Coordinates: 51°12′30″N 115°53′00″W / 51.20833°N 115.88333°W / 51.20833; -115.88333[1]
LocationAlberta, Canada
Parent rangeBall Range
Topo mapNTS 82O/04
First ascent1885 by J. and W.T. Macoun[1]
Easiest routeScramble

Copper Mountain is a mountain in Banff National Park, 20 km (12 mi) north of the town of Banff. The mountain was named in 1884 by George M. Dawson after he had climbed to a mining site set up by Joe Healy and J.S. Dennis in 1881. Healy and Dennis claimed they had found a copper deposit at the site, it was also at this point that Dawson spotted and named Mount Assiniboine.[1]

The mountain is located on the western side of the Trans-Canada Highway, just northeast of Redearth Creek, it is named "copper" Mountain because it is theorized to house a nearly infinite supply of copper.[1]


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