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Copyright was a Canadian alternative rock band, active in the 1990s. Their sound has been compared to that of Radiohead.[1]


The band was launched by vocalist Thomas Anselmi and guitarist Christian Thorvaldson, former members of the short-lived and controversial punk rock band Slow,[2] with new bassist Eric Marxsen and drummer Pete Bourne.[3]

The band was formed in 1988,[4] when Anselmi and Thorvaldson settled on that name after having collaborated under the short-lived band names Mo and Christian Thorvaldson's Freeze-Dried Dog since the demise of Slow.[4] Initially, the band spelled its name as the symbol ©, pronounced as "Circle C".[5] Under that name, they released a self-titled debut album on Geffen Records in 1991,[6] that album sold poorly, and the band was dropped from Geffen. After a few years of struggling to continue in the music industry, they were signed to BMG Music, releasing their second album Love Story in 1996 under the name Copyright,[7] the singles "Transfiguration" and "Radio" were released from that album. Love Story was a shortlisted Juno Award nominee for Best Alternative Album at the Juno Awards of 1998.[8]

The album The Hidden World followed in 2001, with the song "Rock Machine" being released as a single, the band disbanded not long after.[9]


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