Corbridge Bridge

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Corbridge Bridge
Corbridge Bridge - - 646759.jpg
Corbridge Bridge
Coordinates 54°58′23″N 2°01′05″W / 54.973°N 2.018°W / 54.973; -2.018Coordinates: 54°58′23″N 2°01′05″W / 54.973°N 2.018°W / 54.973; -2.018
Carries Road
Crosses River Tyne
Locale Northumberland, England
Heritage status Grade I listed
Total length 480 feet (146 m)[1]
Construction end 1674
Daily traffic single carriageway
Toll No
Corbridge Bridge is located in Northumberland
Corbridge Bridge
Corbridge Bridge
Red pog.svg Corbridge Bridge shown within Northumberland
grid reference NY989641

Corbridge Bridge is a 17th-century stone bridge across the River Tyne at Corbridge, Northumberland, England.

The bridge used to carry the A68 road over the River Tyne, but since the opening of the Hexham bypass (A69), the A68 now crosses by the Styford Bridge 3 miles (5 km) downstream of Corbridge. It is listed as a Grade I building by Historic England.[2]


The bridge at Corbridge was built in 1235;[3] in 1298 royal officers went to Corbridge to purchase horseshoes and nails, and the tariff imposed to raise money for upkeep of the medieval bridge included tolls on nails of different kinds, horseshoes, cartwheel-sheaths, griddles, iron cauldrons and vats. The bridge was the great asset of the town. Described in 1306 as the only bridge between Newcastle and Carlisle, it was maintained also as a link between England and Scotland;[4] in 1674 [Fraser[4] has 1690] it was replaced by the seven-arched bridge we see today.[3] So well did the builder of this bridge execute his contract that his was the only one on the Tyne to withstand the famous flood of 1771;[4][5] in 1881 it was widened by three feet but its appearance was not spoilt.[3]


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