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Cornell HR Review  
Discipline Human resource management
Language English
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The Cornell HR Review Association (United States)
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OCLC no. 617755647

The Cornell HR Review (CHRR) is an online journal of human resource management articles published independently by graduate students at Cornell University.


The Cornell HR Review published its first article on December 21, 2009, and is the oldest operating student-edited human resources publication in the United States. It was founded by Cornell graduate student Jonathan E. DeGraff,[1] with the financial support of Harry C. Katz, dean of the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

CHRR is digitally archived by Cornell's Martin P. Catherwood Library and is indexed by Princeton University Library and the National Library of Australia.[2][3] Its articles have been cited by academic, practitioner, and popular news media outlets, including the Houston Chronicle,[4] HowStuffWorks,[5] and the Society for Human Resource Management.[6]

In 2018, CHRR ceased producing research publications to focus on publishing online articles tailored for young professionals and students interested in Human Resources.

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