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Count of Abrantes (in Portuguese Conde de Abrantes) was a Portuguese title of nobility created by a royal decree, dated from June 13, 1476, by King Afonso V of Portugal, and granted to his 4th cousin, Lopo de Almeida.

Dom Lopo was closely related to the Portuguese royal House, once his great-grandfather was Infante João, Duke of Valencia de Campos (son of King Peter I of Portugal and of Inês de Castro).

This title became extinct when the 4th Count, Miguel de Almeida, a hero of the Portuguese uprising of December 1, 1640, died without issue in 1650.

Genealogical Summary[edit]

                              Pedro I
                          King of Portugal
       |                         |                            :
       |                         |                            :
   Fernando I               Infante João                   João I
  (1345–1383)               (1349–1397)                  (1357–1433)
King of Portugal      Duke of Valencia de Campos       King of Portugal
       |                  (Spanish title)                     |
       |                         :                            |
       |                         :                            |
       |                         :                            |
   Beatrice               Pedro da Guerra                  Duarte I
  (1372–1408)               (c.1380- ? )                 (1391–1438)
 Queen de jure                   |                     King of Portugal
                                 |                            |
                                 |                            |
                            Brites Anes                       |
                           (c.1380-1431)                      |
                   m.Diogo Fernandes de Almeida               |
                        Mayor of Abrantes                     |
                                 |                            |
                                 |                            |
                                 |                            |
                          Lopo de Almeida           Portuguese Royal House
                       1st Count of Abrantes

List of the Counts of Abrantes (1476)[edit]

  • Lopo de Almeida (1416–1486), 1st Count of Abrantes
  • João de Almeida (1445–1512), 2nd Count of Abrantes (son of the previous)
  • Lopo de Almeida (1470- ? ), 3rd Count of Abrantes (son of the previous)
  • Miguel de Almeida (1575–1650), 4th Count of Abrantes (2nd cousin of the previous)

Family Name[edit]

The family name associated with the Counts of Abrantes was Almeida.

The Almeida clan was closely associated with King John II of Portugal played a pivotal role in the 1490s succession crisis, strongly backing John II's preferred candidate, Jorge de Lencastre against the eventual winner, Manuel, Duke of Beja.

According to Subrahmanyam (1997: 49), Lopo de Almeida, the first Count of Abrantes, had at least six notable sons:

The Almeida clan remained the principal political opponents of Manuel I of Portugal throughout his reign.

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