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Coat of arms of the ancient counts of Comminges: Argent, a cross patty gules.[1] · .[2]
The modified coat of arms of the counts of Comminges since the 17th century: Gules four otelles Argent addorsed in saltire..[1][3]

This is a list of counts of the County of Comminges.

Counts of Comminges[edit]

House of Comminges[edit]

  • 836–846 : 1st Gassia S. and F. Garcia (son of Aznar I Sans of Gascony) viscount of Comminges and viscount of Couserans], also count of Aragon and count of confluent)
  • 870–905 : 2nd Aznard II (son of Gassia of Comminges)
  • 3rd Lop I AznarL. Lupus I Asnarius or F. Loup I Aznard – (son of)
  • 4th Aznar IIL. Asnarius II (son of)

The County of Comminges was divided up for a short while, and was co-ruled.

The County of Comminges was reunited under a single count.

  • 1012–1035 : 7th Bernard of Comminges, (son of Raimond of Comminges and sole count of Comminges)
  • 1058–1070) : 8th Arnaud II (son of previous)
  • Roger III (son of previous), count of Comminges (c. 1073-c. 1100/1110)
  • Bernard I (son of previous), count of Comminges (c. 1114-c. 1144)
  • Bernard II (son of previous), count of Comminges (c. 1144-c. 1153)
  • Bernard III (a.k.a. Dodon of Samatan) (brother of previous) (born c. 1120 – died c. 1176), count of Comminges (c. 1153–1175), abdicated in 1175 and became a Knight Templar.
  • Bernard IV (son of previous) (born c. 1150 – died February 22, 1225), count of Comminges (1175–1225)
  • Bernard V (son of previous) (born c. 1195 – died November 30, 1241), count of Comminges (1225–1241)
  • Bernard VI (son of previous) (born c. 1224 – died after 1295), count of Comminges (1241–1295), abdicated in 1295.
  • Bernard VII (son of previous) (born 1246 – died July 21, 1312), count of Comminges (1295–1312)
  • Bernard VIII (son of previous) (born c. 1285 – died 1336), count of Comminges (1312–1336)
  • Jean I Posthumus (son of previous) (born 1336 – died 1339), count of Comminges (1336–1339)
  • Pierre-Raimond I (brother of Bernard VIII) (born c. 1295 – died April 16, 1341), count of Comminges (1339–1341)
  • Pierre-Raimond II (son of previous) (born c. 1325 – died October 19, 1375), count of Comminges (1341–1375)
  • Marguerite (daughter of previous) (born c. 1363 – died 1443), countess of Comminges (1375–1443), 3rd marriage in 1419 with Mathieu of Foix (younger brother of Count Jean I of Foix, see: List of counts of Foix) (born ? – died 1453), count of Comminges (1419–1453), count of Couserans. Co-ruler of Comminges with his wife, Mathieu of Foix inherited the county for the duration of his life only.

At the death of Mathieu of Foix in 1453, Comminges was reunited to the French crown by King Charles VII of France.

House of Lescun[edit]

In 1462, the king of France Louis XI detached the county of Comminges from the royal domain and gave it to his friend.

House of Aydie[edit]

At the death of John of Lescun in 1472, the county of Comminges passed to:

  • 1472–1498 : Odet of Aydie (husband of Marie of Lescun, heiress of Lescun as daughter of Mathieu of Lescun, himself probably a cousin of John of Lescun, born c. 1425 – died 1498, constable of France, supreme commander of the French army and close advisor of Louis XI)

In 1498, at the death of Odet of Aydie, who did not have a son, king Louis XII of France definitely reunited the county of Comminges to the French crown. The descendants of Odet of Aydie's daughter continued to carry the title of count of Comminges.

House of Foix-Lautrec[edit]

House of La-Barthe[edit]

  • Paul of La Barthe, lord of Termes in Couserans, Marshal of France. count of Comminges (1552–1565).

House of Comminges-Guitaut[edit]

House of Comminges-Lastronque[edit]

House of Comminges-Saint-Lary[edit]


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