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This is a list of the counts of Eu, a French fief in the Middle Ages.

Map of Normandy

House of Normandy[edit]

Arms of the Counts of Eu, House of Normandy: D'azur, au lion d'or,l'écu semé de billettes d'or
  • Geoffrey, also Count of Brionne, illegitimate son of Duke Richard I of Normandy, 996-1015
  • Gilbert, also Count of Brionne, son of the previous, 1015-1040
  • William I, brother of Geoffrey, 1040-1050 (approximate)
  • William Busac, son of the previous, 1050-1053 (approximate)
  • Robert I, also Lord of Hastings, son of William I, 1053-1093
  • William II, also Lord of Hastings, son of Robert, 1093-1096
  • Henry I, also Lord of Hastings, son of William II, 1096-1140
  • John, also Lord of Hastings, son of Henry I, 1140-1170
  • Henry II, also Lord of Hastings, son of John, 1170-1191
  • Alix, Countess of Eu and Lady of Hastings, daughter of Henry II, 1191-1246.

House of Lusignan[edit]

Arms of the Lusignan Counts of Eu

House of Brienne[edit]

Raoul IV was accused of treason in 1350, and the county was confiscated; the county was then given to John of Artois.

House of Artois[edit]

House of Bourchier[edit]

House of Burgundy-Nevers[edit]

House of Cleves[edit]

House of Guise[edit]

In 1660, he sold Eu to the duchesse de Montpensier.

House of Montpensier[edit]

She sold it in 1681 to the duc du Maine.

House of Bourbon[edit]

The title was used by the House of Bourbon du Maine till 1775 when that house became extinct, it then passed over to the cousins of the du Maines: the House of Bourbon-Penthièvre

House of Orléans[edit]