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Teena Records

Teena Records was a record label founded by R&B duo Ike & Tina Turner in 1963. Ike Turner named the label after his wife Tina Turner. Records on Teena were distributed by CIRCA distributing firm. CIRCA was formed in 1962 to operate as a releasing company for independent labels by working with various distributors around the US. While the Ike & Tina Turner Revue were on the road performing, Ike Turner found time to record the artist in his band. Turner used this label to release singles by vocalist within the Revue, notably the Ikettes, he produced all the songs on the label. The second single, "Prisoner in Love" by the Ikettes, was changed to "No Bail in This Jail" in order to avoid confusion with "Prisoner of Love" by James Brown. "No Bail In This Jail" reached #126 on Billboard's Bubbling Under The Hot 100. Sonja Records Innis Records Sony Records Prann Records List of record labels

Santa Cruz Mountains AVA

The Santa Cruz Mountains AVA is an American Viticultural Area centered on the Santa Cruz Mountains. It includes three counties in California: Santa Cruz and San Mateo. Recognized as an AVA in 1981, the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation was among the first to be defined by its mountain topography. Based on elevation, it follows the fog line along the coast, extending down to 800 feet in the east and 400 feet in the west, encompasses the highest ridgetops at 3000+ elevation; the mountainous terrain, the Pacific Ocean, the nearby San Francisco Bay have wide-ranging effects on the appellation, creating myriad microclimates in the region - depending on the elevation of the land, on which side of the mountains are the vineyards, the effects of fog, sun exposure, soil type, etc. The region is bounded by the Santa Cruz Mountain range, from Half Moon Bay and Woodside in the north, to Mount Madonna and Watsonville in the south; the appellation encompasses some 322,000 acres extending through Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Santa Cruz Mountains' subregions are Skyline, Saratoga/Los Gatos, the Coastal Foothills, Ben Lomond Mountain, Corralitos/Pleasant Valley. There are over 200 small vineyards totaling only app. 1,500 acres of wine grape varieties, divided about ¼ evenly among Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and other varieties. The region’s vineyards and wineries support sustainable practices, including cover crops, erosion control, canopy management, biodiesel. Several vineyards grow organically; some of the oldest wineries in California are in this region. Two wineries from the Santa Cruz Mountain region participated in the 1976 Judgment of Paris wine tasting with the 1973 David Bruce Winery Chardonnay placing 10th in the white wine tasting and the 1971 Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello Cabernet Sauvignon placing 5th in the red wine tasting. Other notable wineries in the appellation include: Hallcrest Vineyards, Bonny Doon Vineyard, Byington Vineyard, Bargetto Winery, Thomas Fogarty Winery, Kathryn Kennedy Winery, Mountain Winery and Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards.

A History of the Wineries of the Los Gatos-Santa Cruz Mountains A website about the wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Great Belize Television

Great Belize Television, or as it is locally known, Channel 5, is a Belize City-based local television station established in December 1991. Channel 5 airs American and Caribbean programs, as well as a variety of locally produced programs, it is a subsidiary of Great Belize Productions, a local production company established in 1982. Channel 5 is affiliated with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union and its subsidiary the Caribbean Media Corporation. Channel 5 has produced such popular programs as "Lauren Da Mawnin", "The Andy Palacio Show" and most Karaoke Television. Channel 5's general manager following its parent company's sale to Belize Telemedia is Amalia Mai, a veteran journalist She succeeds Stewart Krohn a veteran journalist. Great Belize Productions, the parent company of Channel 5, received its broadcast license from the Government of Belize in 1991 and began broadcasting on December 9 of that year. Beginning in 1992, Channel 5 advertised a weekly schedule of programming in the Amandala.

In January 1998, Channel 5 launched its website, which featured text transcripts for News 5 and video streaming of the newscast. Channel 5, as the Belize representative of the CBU, has won numerous journalism awards at home and abroad. Channel 5's News Department produces News 5 Live for broadcast every weeknight; the program has been the flagship of Channel Five since it premiered on December 9, 1991 and is now Belize's longest running television program. The program runs for 90 minutes including commercials; the show closes with the line "And that's the news!", followed by a plug for the station's website. The Andy Palacio Show Lauren Da Mawnin One on One Karaoke Television Duets KTV Duets Noh Matta Wat! Gimme 5! Hurricane Iris: After the Storm The Land of Belize The Sea of Belize Belize: The Maya Heritage From Invasion to Nation: A History of Belize Be the Next Superstar Note: Channel 5 sells tapes of in-house produced programs at its office. Official Site

Wyoming Highway 374

Wyoming Highway 374 is a 25.37-mile-long discontinuous east-west Wyoming State Road located in Sweetwater County that exists in two sections, with a short gap in between. Wyoming Highway 374 begins its western end at exit 61 of Interstate southwest of Granger. WYO 374 travels along the north side of I-80, acting as a frontage road, for just under 5 miles until it reaches U. S. Route 30. Further east along I-80/US 30, Highway 374 resumes at exit 68 at Little America. WYO 374 once again travels along the north side of I-80. At 3.5 miles, Tenneco Road is intersected which provides access to exit 72 of I-80/US 30. Further east, Highway 374 reaches the southern terminus of Wyoming Highway 372 at a T intersection. WYO 372 travels north from here to Wyoming Highway 28 and U. S. Route 189 while WYO 374 turns south and intersects exit 83 of I-80/US 30. Now Highway 374 travels eastward toward Green River on the south side of the interstate; as WYO 374 enters James Town, a census-designated place west of Green River, Covered Wagon Road is intersected which provides access to exit 85 of I-80/US 30 and travels north to the Rolling Green Country Club.

Shortly after, Highway 374 crosses the Green River and at 20.43 miles the highway reaches its eastern terminus at the Green River business routes of I-80 and US 30 in Green River. Traveling north of here is exit 89 of I-80/US 30, while traveling south heads into downtown Green River and to Wyoming Highway 530. Wyoming Highway 374 is not signed at any of its interchanges with Interstate 80 Wyoming Highway 374 is the original alignment of U. S. Route 30 from near Granger to Green River; the entire route is in Sweetwater County. Wyoming State Routes 300-399 WYO 374 - I-80 Bus/US 30 Bus to I-80/US 30 WYO 374 - I-80/US 30 to WYO 372 WYO 374 - WYO 372 to I-80/US 30 WYO 374 - US 30 to I-80

Rue Garibaldi

The Rue Garibaldi is a wide and long street in Lyon, located in the 7th, 3rd and 6th arrondissements, named after Italian politician Giuseppe Garibaldi. There was a square named Place Garibaldi in reference to his nephews, died during the World War I; the street was called rue Sainte-Élisabeth in reference to the sister of Louis XVI, Élisabeth of France. It was named rue Garibaldi after the deliberation of the municipal council on 1 March 1871 was renamed rue Sainte-Élisabeth, renamed rue Garibaldi on 6 July 1882, it was built throughout the 19th century from the Cours Vitton. In 1913, the rue Rave became part of the street. However, the extreme urbanization of the street causes a large number of nuisance to inhabitants of buildings, including noise, dangerous traffic; the street was the subject of several renovations from 1975. The city of Lyon is rehabilitating the street modifying it in a "greenway"; this project would include the reduction in the number of lanes in the 3rd arrondissement and the creation of terraces and tree-lined sidewalks.

In addition, with the construction of the Tour Incity in 2012 which will have its main entrance on the rue Garibaldi, it will again undergo rehabilitation. This project will cost about 5 million euro. There was in the street a Masonic temple built by architect Peter Martin. Many political meetings took place at the restaurant Guillerme at No. 108. Television host Simone Garnier lived in the street; the street is surrounded by trees and high buildings with around 20 floors, built from 1950. It begins after the Boulevard des Belges in the north of the 6th arrondissement, ends on the Avenue Berthelot in the 7th arrondissement in the south; this is one of the longest streets in the city, as well as the rue de Créqui, the rue Duguesclin or the Avenue Jean Jaurès with 3,850 meters. It looks like a highway, sometimes composed of 5 lines. In most of the 3rd arrondissement, the street is impassable by pedestrians, who must borrow an underpass to cross. Near the rue Duquesne, there are large buildings with golden and rounding doors.

Around the Cours Vitton, the street is more narrow with five-floor older stone buildings, old houses including the city hall of the 6th arrondissement, more recent and high buildings. After the Cours Lafayette, a twenty-floor tour with golden windows can be seen tax offices, a bank and the Grand Lyon appear as three glass buildings in a cubic form; the street ends with new homes and vacant lots. There are a pool, the Lycée Saint-Joseph, many regional and departmental managements, various associations, the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires, many doctors' offices and many food and furniture stores