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Court of St James's

The Court of St James's is the royal court for the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. All ambassadors and high commissioners to the United Kingdom are formally received by the court, all ambassadors and high commissioners from the United Kingdom are formally accredited from the court—not the United Kingdom—as they are representatives of the Crown; the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, who acts as the link between the British monarch and foreign diplomatic missions, is permanently based at St James's Palace. In 1886, there were only six ambassadors in London, with 37 other countries represented by ministers. By 2015, this had increased to 175 foreign missions accredited to the Court of St James's: 47 high commissions from Commonwealth countries and 128 embassies from non-Commonwealth countries. Official meetings and receptions associated with the court, such as Privy Council meetings or the annual Diplomatic Reception attended by 1,500 guests, are held wherever the monarch is in residence—usually Buckingham Palace.

The court is named after St James's Palace, hence the's at the end of the name. This is because St James's Palace is the most senior royal palace and has remained the official residence of the British Monarchy despite the nearby Buckingham Palace having been the main London residence of all the UK's sovereigns since the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837; when the court's name is spoken, it is sometimes incorrectly identified as the Court of St James, without a separate "iz" pronunciation for the possessive "s" suffix. Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service Diplomatic rank List of diplomatic missions in the United Kingdom List of diplomatic missions of the United Kingdom

John Thomas Lockman

John Thomas Lockman was an American lawyer and soldier, brevetted Brigadier General for his efforts for the Union Army in the U. S. Civil War. Lockman was born on September 1834 in New York City, he was the son of Isaac Paul Mary Lockman. Among his siblings was the attorney Jacob Kennedy Lockman, Sarah H. Lockman, his paternal grandparents were Jacob Lockman and Catherine Lockman, his maternal grandparents were Thomas H. Kennedy, an intimate friend of Scottish poet Robert Burns, Margaret Kennedy, both of whom were born in Scotland. Lockman, who served in the old Volunteer Fire Department of New York City for seven years, was a law student when the U. S. Civil War broke out. On April 19, 1861, he enlisted as a private in the Union Army, first taking part in the Martinsburg campaign, under General Robert Patterson, at the Battle of Ball's Bluff, under General Charles Pomeroy Stone, he was promoted to Captain in the 83rd New York Volunteer Infantry and participated in the occupation of Winchester and the campaign of Virginia.

Lockman was again promoted to Lieutenant colonel of the 119th New York Volunteer Infantry and fought in the Army of the Potomac under multiple Union Army Generals, including General George B. McClellan, Ambrose Burnside, Joseph Hooker and George G. Meade. After Colonel Peisner was killed during the Battle of Chancellorsville, Lockman took charge of the regiment, he fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, where he was wounded. He was "ordered to the Southwest to reinforce General Thomas' command and fought in the Battles of Wauhatchie and Missionary Ridge and took part in the pursuit of General Bragg and in the relief of Knoxville."Lockman participated in the Battles of Cassville, Pine Hill, Kolb's Farm, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek and the Siege of Atlanta. On March 13, 1865, he was brevetted a Brigadier General of the U. S. Volunteers for "meritorious conduct in the campaign ending with the occupation of Atlanta, Ga." After the War ended, Lockman resumed studying the law and graduated from Columbia Law School in April 1867.

Lockman became a member of the law firm of DeWitt, Lockman & Kip, based at 88 Nassau Street, with George Gosman DeWitt, his brother Jacob Kennedy Lockman, George Goelet Kip known as DeWitt, Lockman & DeWitt. The firm was known for its work defending the estates of New York's old Dutch families, he was a director of the Lawyers Mortgage Company and the Mortgage Bond Company. He was elected a member of the Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York on March 4, 1889 and, in 1912, served as the Society's 42nd President, succeeding Charles Augustus Schermerhorn and remaining president until his death in September 1912. On October 14, 1862, while on furlough, Lockman was married to Harriet Hall, she was the daughter of Mary Hall, who were both born in England. Together and John were the parents of five children, three daughters and two sons, including: Mary Lockman, who married Pierre Joseph Smith, son of Benjamin Duval Smith. Jenat DeWitt Lockman, who married John Storm Appleby. Isabel Spalding Lockman, who married Dr. William Tod Helmuth Jr. editor of the New York Medical Times, in 1895.

John Quentin Lockman, a Yale University graduate who became a banker with Harvey Fisk & Sons. Frederick Irving Lockman, a Yale and Columbia Law School graduate who married Josephine Kernell, he served in the 12th Infantry of the New York Guard. He served as a vestryman of Trinity Church, a trustee of the New York Protestant Episcopal Public School, a member of the New-York Historical Society, the St. Andrew's Society, the Metropolitan Club, the Church Club, the Army and Navy Club, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History. Lockman died at his home, 140 West 73rd Street in New York City, on September 27, 1912, he was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. John Thomas Lockman at Find a Grave

Choc'late Allen

Choc'late Allen is a child activist who arose to national awareness in early 2007 by engaging in a 5-day fast in an effort to promote the concept of Taking Personal Responsibility for our individual thoughts and actions. During such activity, the young CEO of Caribbean Vizion, received visits from many citizens and dignitaries. With the various school motivational school tours and projects that Allen has embarked on during the "100% Crime Free" initiative, she is committed to her programmes and always sticking to her vision of creating a peaceful society by us accepting personal responsibility for our actions. Allen formed Youth Committees of young persons under the age of 17 who have the same goal of making a positive impact on youths and society. In 2008, Allen launched her singing career and 2008-initiative at the 15th annual Rebel Salute concert in Jamaica. Rebel Salute is a positive reggae concert formed by Tony Rebel and Flames Productions; the concert is one of no violence, no meat and no drugs.

Following this event, Allen was invited by Mrs. Rita Marley to be the co-chair of the Africa Unite Youth Symposium and to perform at the Africa Unite-Smile Jamaica concert; the concert featured acts like Bunny Wailer, John Legend, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers/ The Marley brothers and other local and international artists. In addition to the continuation of her Taking Personal Responsibility movement, as an activist, she has been visiting several schools in Jamaica; as an artist, Choc'late collaborated with Reggae artist Queen Ifrica in a song entitled "Friends" that covers both the child and adult vision of friendship. The two performed the song at the first international night of the Reggae Summer Festival, according to all reviews of the show, the collaboration was well received and touching. “The cycle of life created a union between two beings and Fabi Allen. It is through this union, bonded by love and honor, that I was born. My parents are indeed my best friends, they laid a foundation in my life that I have full respect for.

In our house, nothing was hers or mine. I was included in all family meetings and decisions. A major lesson in our house was, articulate it. If you do not communicate then it gives room for misinterpretation. My parents were and still are strong believers of “Children must be seen and HEARD.” Of all the “laws of our house”, “Taking Personal Responsibility” ran from number one to ten. Little did. I am a child of the Universe; as child of this Universe, I believe that there is a calling beyond what the eyes can see, but within the range of where the soul can feel. I trust everyday. I know that I don't know, therefore my mind remains exposed to new possibilities. There is not a single word, but as someone once told me, maybe that word is Choc'late. "…Sometimes the things we desire are not the things that would be most beneficial to us... Is our motive in life to blend in and find a space or to make a space and leave a positive legacy?... Prioritize wisely my friends; the world will not wait on us to discover, understand and live."

Choc'late is a home-schooled student, who as a toddler showed qualities of determination and enthusiasm towards learning. This led to her being a consistent A+ student and involved in cultural and social activities. From 1993 to 2000, she was known by everyone that she met as. In 2001 Choc'late began touring the region as an actress and dancer, she was now exposed to different Caribbean cultures, history and was having direct contact and negotiations with Prime Ministers, Political figures, NGO's and the Private Sector. But according to Choc'late, it was at age eleven that she began to identify a direction for her existence. In 2004, Caribbean Vizion lost its St. Lucian C. E. O – Ms. Jany Williams – to a vehicle accident that Choc'late and four other C. V cast members were involved in. After campaigning against a 34-year-old, Choc'late was elected C. E. O of the regional organization Caribbean Vizion; this position proved to bestow her with responsibilities that many of her peers didn't experience at that age.

Through Caribbean Vizion tours, Choc'late and her Caribbean colleges were able to address social issues and inspire positive changes in lives of many Caribbean People. Tours took her within schools, prisons and other institutions. After touring with Caribbean Vizion from 2001 to 2006, Allen began putting structure to her own personal passions and concerns. Without abandoning her executive position and commitment to the NGO, she created an independent movement, geared toward youth vision and development; this movement, as envisioned in the creation phase, would be presented through the medium of Educulture, Mu

Hockley, Nottingham

Hockley is an area near the centre of Nottingham, England. Hockley lies adjacent to many well-preserved Victorian buildings. There has been a mercantile presence on the land since at least the 13th century. With many bars and trendy clothes shops, it is a vibrant, modern section of the city, has been described as "the Soho of Nottingham." The area was called "Walker Gate", from the practice of "walking" or stamping upon cloth to make it softer after weaving. Up until the 20th century Nottingham's fortunes have been tied to the "rag trade", from 1343 to 1345 the price of wool in Nottingham Market was taken as the standard for all England. However, it has not always been quite as pleasant as it is now: Sir Jesse Boot, son of the founder of the Boots the Chemist and the architect of the business empire it is today, was born in poverty in the area in 1850. Hockley is home to many design, New Age and record shops, galleries and cafés. Hockley has an arthouse cinema, the Broadway Cinema, "the East Midlands' flagship cinema and production house with an established national and international reputation for film exhibition and festivals".

It was known for the annual film festival it once held, whose honorary president was Quentin Tarantino. This came to be after the cinema was the first in the UK to show Pulp Fiction, straight from the Cannes Film Festival - complete with French subtitles. Another cinema that once operated in Hockley was The Screen Room, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest commercial cinema, with just 21 seats and a single screen. Creative Quarter, Nottingham Broadway Cinema The Screen Room

André Previn Plays Songs by Vernon Duke

André Previn Plays Songs by Vernon Duke is a piano solo, jazz album by André Previn. It was recorded in August 1958, it was meant to be a homage to jazz composer Vernon Duke. It was released in 1958 by Contemporary Records as C 3558, it was Previn's second album dedicated in its entirety to a famous composer. After its release, other two tribute albums followed: André Previn Plays Songs by Jerome Kern and André Previn Plays Songs by Harold Arlen. All pieces composed by Vernon Duke. "Cabin in the Sky" - 4:05 "Autumn in New York" - 3:53 " The Love I Long For" - 3:59 "Ages Ago" - 3:50 "Taking a Chance on Love" - 5:17 "What Is There to Say" - 3:58 "I Can't Get Started" - 5:26 "I Like the Likes of You" - 3:46 "Round About" - 4:38 "April in Paris" - 3:43 André Previn - piano Phil De Lancie - digital remastering


HRT 1 is the Croatian public television channel, operated by Hrvatska Radiotelevizija. It is a generalist channel, with a varied line-up. Dnevnik - main news in 19:00 Vijesti - news, runs in 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:00, 23:00 TV Bingo The Voice Hrvatska Nedjeljom u 2 - talk show Otvoreno - political night talk show Voli me zauvijek - A que no me dejas Kolo sreće - Wheel of Fortune Motrišta Odjeci dana Izazov! - Jeopardy! Art Attack - children's art show Najslabija karika - The Weakest Link Tko želi biti milijunaš? - Who Wants to be a Millionaire 1 protiv 100 - 1 vs 100 Dossier. Hr - news/politics magazine Latinica - political Monday talk show Res Publica - educational talk show New Talk Show - new talk show in autumn Lica nacije - political Tuesday night talk show Hrvatski kraljevi - documentary about Croatian kings and dukes Strictly Come Dancing - Ples sa zvijezdama Just The Two of Us - Zvijezde pjevaju U istom loncu Friday night Sve će biti dobro Dolina sunca Ponos Ratkajevih Obični ljudi Ljubav u zaleđu Villa Maria Mućke Stipe u gostima Odmori se zaslužio si Naši i vaši Seinfeld - Seinfeld Simpsoni - The Simpsons The Oprah Winfrey Show - talk show The Dr. Oz Show - talk show House M.

D. - in Croatian "Dr House" The X-Files - in Croatian "Dosjei X" ER - in Croatian "Hitna služba" The Scent of Rain in the Balkans - in Croatian "Miris kiše na Balkanu" Hrvatska Radiotelevizija Official Site