Crazy Eights (film)

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Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights film cover.jpg
Crazy Eights film poster
Directed byJimi Jones
Produced byDan DeLuca
Brian J. Gilbert
Vicky Clark Jennings
Jimi Jones
John Kaila
Kurt Uebersax
Rick Whealen
Written byDan DeLuca
Jimi Jones
Ji-un Kwon (contributing writer)
StarringDina Meyer
George Newbern
Traci Lords
Frank Whaley
Gabrielle Anwar
Dan DeLuca
Music byOlivier Glissant
C. Eric
Nick Nolan
Distributed byAfter Dark Films Lions Gate
Release date
  • October 31, 2006 (2006-10-31)
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited States

Crazy Eights is a 2006 B-grade horror film that follows the story of six companions as they fill the last request of a dead friend. The film is distributed by the After Dark Horrorfest which annually releases an eight-part movie collection that typically is likened towards the movie genres of horror and thriller, Crazy Eights being part of the 2007 series released by the movie collection.



James K. Jones directed this film, one of three he has directed. Other works he has directed are the film "The Wreck" and a television series called "Psychic Detectives".[1] Dan DeLuca was the main producer and writer of the film. Dan DeLuca has also produced other films besides "Crazy Eights", including "The Night Watchmen," "On The Wing," "Two-Minute Heist" and "The Jersey Devil". He was also named as associate director of a television documentary series called "Mouthpiece: Voice for the Accused".

The film was released in select theaters on Friday, November 9, 2007.[1] The film was placed in to the following movie genres by Yahoo! Movies: Horror, Thriller[1]

This film received the rating "R" for violence, disturbing images and language by the Motion Picture Association of America.[1] The film runs for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes, or 80 minutes [1] The film was distributed by After Dark Films.[1] The film was produced in the United States.[1]



Part of the After Dark Horrorfest film series "8 Films to Die For".[2]

Critical repsonse[edit]

The film has received negative reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has 3 reviews from critics, all negative.[3]

A reviewer for the website Dread Central expressed disappointment with the film's plot, recommending that viewers "forget everything about the plot and enjoy the visuals".[4] Brent McKnight, a reviewer for online magazine PopMatters, expressed a slightly more negative view when reviewing the film upon its release to home video, summarizing "With no real plot, and no real characters, Crazy Eights is a weak, toothless attempt at a horror film".[5]

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