Cressbrook Dam

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Cressbrook Dam
Location33 km (21 mi) North-East of Toowoomba, Queensland
Coordinates27°15′48″S 152°12′22″E / 27.2633°S 152.206°E / -27.2633; 152.206Coordinates: 27°15′48″S 152°12′22″E / 27.2633°S 152.206°E / -27.2633; 152.206
Primary inflowsCressbrook Creek
Primary outflowsCressbrook Creek
Catchment area320 km2 (120 sq mi)
Basin countriesAustralia
Surface area5.17 km2 (2.00 sq mi)
Max. depth34 m (112 ft)
Water volume81,842 ML (2,890.2×10^6 cu ft)
Surface elevation280 m (920 ft)

Cressbrook Dam is one of the three water storages used to supply Toowoomba and the surrounding region. The dam was constructed in 1983[1] for the former Toowoomba City Council, now part of Toowoomba Regional Council; the other two storages used for Toowoomba are Perseverance Dam and Cooby Dam.

Cressbrook Dam has a surface area of 517[1] hectares with a total capacity of 81,842 mega-litres when full (78,847 ML usable) at an average depth of 15.8 metres. The catchment also contains Perseverance Dam, which is located 10 km upstream of Cressbrook.


A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish in the dam.[2]


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