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The number of registered crimes per Ukrainian Oblast (and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) in 2008

Crime in Ukraine is combated by the Ukrainian Police and other agencies.

Crime by type[edit]


In 2010, Ukraine had a murder rate of 4.3 per 100,000 population.[1] There were a total of 1,988 murders in Ukraine in 2010;[1] in 2017 0.3% of Ukrainian crime was homicide.[2] In 2016 the Ukrainian police investigated 1,707 murders, and in 2017 1,397.[2]


Corruption is a widespread and growing problem in Ukrainian society.[3][4] In 2014's Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index Ukraine was ranked 142nd out of the 175 countries investigated (tied with Uganda and the Comoros).[5]

Bribes are given to ensure that public services are delivered either in time or at all.[6] Ukrainians stated they give bribes because they think it is customary and expected.[6][7] According to a 2008 Management Systems International (MSI) sociological survey, the highest corruption levels were found in vehicle inspection (57.5%), the police (54.2%), health care (54%), the courts (49%) and higher education (43.6%).[8] On June 8, 2011 Ukrainian President [[Viktor kovych]] stated that corruption costs the state budget US$2.5 billion in revenues annually and that through corrupt dealings in public procurement 10% to 15% (US$7.4 billion) of the state budget "ends up in the pockets of officials".[9]

According to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the main causes of corruption in Ukraine are a weak justice system and an over-controlling non-transparent government combined with business-political ties and a weak civil society.[10] Corruption is regularly discussed in the Ukrainian media.[11][12]


Kiev police investigating a burglary in May 2014.

In 2017 the main segment of crime in Ukraine remained theft, with 52% of police work involving theft;[2] in 2016 the crime rate in this was 303,000 and in 2017 254,000.[2] In 2016 the Ukrainian police solved 72,712 theft cases and sent them court, in 2017 88,423 cases;[2] in 2016 Ukraine saw 25,000 robberies, in 2017 16,455.[2]


According to official statistics there were 126 acts of terror on Ukrainian soil every month in 2014, 108 in 2015, 155 in 2016 and 124 in 2017.[13]

From 2014 until late 2017 5,804 criminal cases were registered as 'acts of terror'.[13] Or 129 terrorist attacks per month on average;[13] in this time-frame 15 people were convicted for terrorism.[13]

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