Crna River (Vardar)

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Crna River
Izvori Crna Reka.JPG
Crna River in western Macedonia
Native name Црна Река, Crna Reka
Country Republic of Macedonia
Physical characteristics
Main source Zeleznec
River mouth Vardar
41°33′18″N 21°58′49″E / 41.55500°N 21.98028°E / 41.55500; 21.98028Coordinates: 41°33′18″N 21°58′49″E / 41.55500°N 21.98028°E / 41.55500; 21.98028
Length 207 km (129 mi)
Basin features
Progression VardarAegean Sea
Rivers of Macedonia

Crna River (Macedonian: About this sound Црна Река , Crna Reka, "Black River") is a river in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the right tributary of the Vardar River. It runs though much of the south and west of the country. Its source is in the mountains of western Macedonia, west of Kruševo. It flows through the village Sopotnica, and southwards through the plains east of Bitola. At Brod (Novaci Municipality) it turns northeast, and it flows into the Vardar between Rosoman and Gradsko.

Thus, the river makes a bend of almost 180 degrees east of Bitola. This bend was part of the Macedonian Front in World War I. It was known to the allied forces as the Cerna Bend or Cerna Loop, and two major battles were fought here : the Battle of the Cerna Bend (1916) and the Battle of the Cerna Bend (1917).

The name Crna Reka means "Black River" in Macedonian, a translation of its earlier Thracian name, Erigon, meaning "black", akin to Greek érebos, "darkness"; Armenian erek, "evening"; Old Norse røkkr, "darkness"; Gothic riqis, "darkness"; Sanskrit rájas, "night"; Tocharian B orkamo, "dark".[1]


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