Crown of Augustus III of Poland

The Crown of Augustus III was made in 1733 for Augustus III's coronation in Kraków in 1734. In 1925 Polish Government purchased the silver regalia of King Augustus III and Queen Maria Josepha in Vienna for $35,000, it consisted of 2 crowns, 2 sceptres and 2 orbs made in about 1733. The original Crown Regalia were hidden - see War of the Polish Succession; the jewels were exhibited in Warsaw till 1939 and in 1940 they were stolen by German forces. They were found by the Soviet troops in Germany and sent to the USSR where they remained until 1960, when they were returned to Poland. Today are deposited in the National Museum in Warsaw. Jerzy Lileyko. Regalia Polskie. Warszawa 1987. ISBN 83-03-02021-8 Janusz Miniewicz. Tajemnica polskich koron. Czy jest szansa ich odnalezienia?. Nowy Sącz 2006. ISBN 83-924034-2-8 Michał Rożek. Polskie koronacje i korony. Kraków 1987. ISBN 83-03-01914-7 Media related to 1733 Polish Regalia at Wikimedia Commons The National Museum in Warsaw Silver regalia of King Augustus III and Queen Maria Josepha

James P. Vary

James P. Vary is an American theoretical physicist and professor at the Iowa State University, Iowa, USA, specializing in nuclear theory with an emphasis on "ab initio" solutions of quantum many-particle systems and light-front quantum field theory. Vary obtained his B. S. in 1965 from M. S. in 1967 from Yale University. And Ph. D. in 1970 from Yale University. His PhD advisor was Joseph Ginocchio, he was Research Associate at Center for Theoretical Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Associate Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, Associate Professor, Iowa State University. He was Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, University of Heidelberg, before becoming a Professor at the Iowa State University in 1981 – a position which he continues to hold, he held several visiting positions including the positions of Visiting Professor at University of Arizona, Ohio State University, Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, Alexander von Humboldt Senior Fellow at the University of Heidelberg, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, the Visiting Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

He has been the Acting Director, International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Iowa, International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Iowa. He leads the nuclear theory group at Iowa State University supported by the US Department of Energy Vary is known for his work in theoretical nuclear physics with an emphasis on effective Hamiltonians for interacting systems and for developing new ab initio approaches to the microscopic structure of nuclei for solving the fundamental nuclear many-body problems as well as problems in light-front quantum field theory including Quantum Chromodynamics, his work employs similarity transformations, which seek to decouple the “low-energy” degrees of freedom from the “high-energy” degrees of freedom related to the renormalization group approaches in quantum field theory and the non-perturbative Hamiltonian renormalization methods. His work addresses the complex systems, such as the 16-nucleon problem, using realistic microscopic nucleon-nucleon and three-nucleon interactions where only the low-energy modes are retained as well as the finite diagonalization within the low-energy space to obtain the spectra leading to detailed comparisons with experiments.

He focuses on the development of a covariant Hamiltonian light-front approach called the basis light-front quantization which leads to the ab initio descriptions of the mesons and baryons. He works on the strong field scattering problems with a time-dependent extension to BLFQ, he has published over few hundred research articles which have received over several thousand citations. *Fellow of the American Physical Society, member Executive Board y * Honorary member of the Palestinian Physical Society, * Chair of the Scientific Program Committee, Light Cone International Conference, *Member of the National Energy Research Supercomputer Center Users Group Executive Committee, James P. Vary professional home page at Iowa State University James P. Vary personal home page at Iowa State University Publications profile at INSPIREHEP high-probability publications

Gold and Green (OOIOO album)

Gold and Green is the third album by the Japanese band OOIOO, a side-project of Boredoms member Yoshimi P-We. Yoshimi P-We - vocals, trumpet, keyboards, wind chimes, percussion Maki - bass Yoshico - drums, programming Kayano - guitar, vocals Green and Gold contains many guest artists, most notably Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda. Kyoko - vocals Yoshida Atuhisa - bass, santoor Seiichi Yamamoto - production Sean Lennon - backing vocals Yuka Honda - piano Yuzawa Hironori - tabla, kanjira L? K? O - turntables Atari - congas Hara Kouichi - Engineer, Mixing Wayama Hiroko - Executive Producer Koizumi Yuka - Mastering Yoshimi P-We - Mixing, Producer Cover Work - Miyano Tayuka & Yoshimi P-We Guidebook Drawing - Fukuta Seigo Photography - Yoshimi P-We