Cyber and Information Domain Service (Germany)

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Cyber and Information Domain Service
Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum
Active 2017–present
Country  Federal Republic of Germany
Type Electronic Warfare
Size 13,500
Garrison/HQ Bonn
March Cyber-March[1]
Anniversaries 1 April 2017
Commander and Chief of the Cyber and Information Domain Service Lieutenant General Ludwig Leinhos

The Cyber and Information Domain Service (German: Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum; Kdo CIR) is the youngest branch of Germany's military the Bundeswehr. The decision to form new a military branch was presented by Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen on 26 April 2016, with the command becoming operational on 1 April 2017. The command's headquarter is Bonn.[2]


In November 2015 the German Ministry of Defense activated a Staff Group within the ministry tasked with developing plans for a reorganization of the Cyber, IT, military intelligence, geo-information, and operative communication units of the Bundeswehr.

On 26 April 2016 Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen presented the plans for the new military branch to the public and on 5 October 2016 the command's staff became operational as a department within the ministry of defense. On 1 April 2017 the command activated as the 6th branch of the Bundeswehr and will take command of all existing Cyber, IT, military intelligence, geo-information, and operative communication units. The Command is planned to be fully operational by 2021.[3]


The CIDS HQ is commanded by the Commander of the Cyber and Information Domain Service (German: Inspekteur des Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum) (InspCIR), a three-star general position, based in Bonn.

  • Commander CIDS HQ
    • Deputy Commander CIDS HQ and Chief of Staff
      • Command Staff
      • Operations Staff
      • Planning Staff
    • KdoStratAufkl.svg Strategic Reconnaissance Command, in Gelsdorf
      • EloKaBtl 911.jpg 911th Electronic Warfare Battalion
      • EloKaBtl 912.png 912th Electronic Warfare Battalion, mans the Oste-class SIGINT/ELINT and reconnaissance ships
      • EloKaBtl 931.png 931st Electronic Warfare Battalion
      • EloKaBtl 932.jpg 932nd Electronic Warfare Battalion, provides airborne troops for operations in enemy territory
      • SchStratAufklBw.png Bundeswehr Strategic Reconnaissance School
      • Bundeswehr Operational Communications Center
      • Cyber-Operations Center
      • Electronic Warfare Analysis Center
      • Central Imaging Reconnaissance, operating the SAR-Lupe satellites
      • ZU-StelleBwTAufkl.png Central Bundeswehr Investigation Authority for Technical Reconnaissance
    • AGeoBw.jpg Bundeswehr Geographical Information Center, in Euskirchen
    • Wappen FüUstgKdoBw.jpg Information Technology Command, in Bonn
      • Bits wappen Farbe.png Bundeswehr IT Operations Center
      • FüUstgSBw.jpg Bundeswehr Information Technology School
      • FüUstgBtl 281.png 281st Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 282.png 282nd Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 292.png 292nd Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 293.png 293rd Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 381.png 381st Information Technology Battalion
      • FüUstgBtl 383.png 383rd Information Technology Battalion
      • Bits wappen Farbe.png Bundeswehr Cyber-Security Center


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