Cycling at the 1948 Summer Olympics – Men's individual road race

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Men's cycling road race
at the Games of the XIV Olympiad
The Olympic Cycling Road Race at Windsor, London, 1948. (7649954084).jpg
The peloton passes through the start and finish line
Venue Olympic Road Course, Windsor Great Park
194.633 km (120.9 mi)
Date 13 August 1948
Competitors 101 from 29 nations
Winning time 5:18:12.6
1st, gold medalist(s) José Beyaert  France
2nd, silver medalist(s) Gerrit Voorting  Netherlands
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Lode Wouters  Belgium
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The Men's Individual Road Race at the 1948 Summer Olympics was held on an 11.45 km course. The course was circled seventeen times, so the total length of the competition was 194.6 km. There were 141 entries from 31 nations and 101 participants from 29 nations. Of the 101 starters 28 rode the distance to the end.[1][2]

A team classification was made, based on the rankings of the three best cyclists per nation, and this was used to determine the results of the team road race.



Rank Name Nationality Time
1st, gold medalist(s) José Beyaert  France 5:18:12.6
2nd, silver medalist(s) Gerrit Voorting  Netherlands 5:18:16.2
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Lode Wouters  Belgium 5:18:16.2
4 Leon De Lathouwer  Belgium 5:18:16.2
5 Nils Johansson  Sweden 5:18:16.2
6 Bob Maitland  Great Britain 5:18:16.2
7 Jack Hoobin  Australia 5:18:18.2
8 Gordon Thomas  Great Britain 5:18:18.2
9 Adolfo Ferrari  Italy 5:21:45.0
10 Silvio Pedroni  Italy 5:21:45.0
11 Alain Moineau  France 5:21:45.0
12 Eugène Van Roosbroeck  Belgium 5:21:45.0
13 Jakob Schenk  Switzerland 5:21:45.0
14 Rudi Valenta  Austria 5:24:48.0
15 Jean Brun  Switzerland 5:26:54.0
16 Ian Scott  Great Britain 5:26:57.2
17 Jacques Dupont  France 5:12:45.3
18 Harry Snell  Sweden 5:28:22.2
19 Franco Fanti  Italy 5:29:35.2
20 Livio Isotti  Italy 5:31:08.6
21 Ceferino Peroné  Argentina 5:33:15.4
22 Dante Benvenuti  Argentina 5:33:15.4
23 Miguel Sevillano  Argentina 5:33:15.4
24 Åke Olivestedt  Sweden 5:33:48.2
25 Walter Reiser  Switzerland 5:34:25.2
26 Russell Mockridge  Australia 5:39:54.6
27 Kristian Pedersen  Denmark 5:39:57.2
28 Knud Andersen  Denmark 5:39:57.2
AC Mario Mathieu  Argentina DNF
Ken Caves  Australia DNF
Jim Nestor  Australia DNF
Hans Goldschmid  Austria DNF
Siegmund Huber  Austria DNF
Josef Pohnetal  Austria DNF
Liévin Lerno  Belgium DNF
Laddie Lewis  Guyana DNF
Lorne Atkinson  Canada DNF
Florent Jodoin  Canada DNF
Lance Pugh  Canada DNF
Laurent Tessier  Canada DNF
Rafael Iturrate  Chile DNF
Mario Masanés  Chile DNF
Exequiel Ramírez  Chile DNF
Rogelio Salcedo  Chile DNF
Børge Saxil Nielsen  Denmark DNF
Rudolf Rasmussen  Denmark DNF
Paul Backman  Finland DNF
Thorvald Högström  Finland DNF
Erkki Koskinen  Finland DNF
René Rouffeteau  France DNF
Ernie Clements  Great Britain DNF
Manthos Kaloudis  Greece DNF
Evangelos Kouvelis  Greece DNF
Petros Leonidis  Greece DNF
Henk Faanhof  Netherlands DNF
Evert Grift  Netherlands DNF
Piet Peters  Netherlands DNF
Malcolm Havladar  India DNF
Raj Kumar Mehra  India DNF
Eruch Mistry  India DNF
Homi Powri  India DNF
Hwang San-ung  South Korea DNF
Gwon Ik-hyeon  South Korea DNF
Robert Bintz  Luxembourg DNF
Marcel Ernzer  Luxembourg DNF
Henri Kellen  Luxembourg DNF
Pitty Scheer  Luxembourg DNF
Placido Herrera  Mexico DNF
Francisco Rodríguez  Mexico DNF
Gabino Rodríguez  Mexico DNF
Manuel Solis  Mexico DNF
Nick Carter  New Zealand DNF
Lorang Christiansen  Norway DNF
Leif Flengsrud  Norway DNF
Erling Kristiansen  Norway DNF
Aage Myhrvold  Norway DNF
Wazir Ali  Pakistan DNF
Hernán Llerena  Peru DNF
Pedro Mathey  Peru DNF
Luis Poggi  Peru DNF
Dirkie Binneman  South Africa DNF
George Estman  South Africa DNF
Wally Rivers  South Africa DNF
Olle Wänlund  Sweden DNF
Giovanni Rossi  Switzerland DNF
Ali Çetiner  Turkey DNF
Mustafa Osmanlı  Turkey DNF
Orhan Suda  Turkey DNF
Talat Tunçalp  Turkey DNF
Frank Brilando  United States DNF
Ed Lynch  United States DNF
Chester Nelsen  United States DNF
Wendell Rollins  United States DNF
Waldemar Bernatzky  Uruguay DNF
Enrique Demarco  Uruguay DNF
Mario Figueredo  Uruguay DNF
Luis López  Uruguay DNF
Milan Poredski  Yugoslavia DNF
August Prosenik  Yugoslavia DNF
Aleksandar Strain  Yugoslavia DNF
Aleksandar Zorić  Yugoslavia DNF


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