Cyprus High School

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Cyprus High School
8623 West 3000 South


United States
Coordinates40°42′20″N 112°05′53″W / 40.70556°N 112.09806°W / 40.70556; -112.09806Coordinates: 40°42′20″N 112°05′53″W / 40.70556°N 112.09806°W / 40.70556; -112.09806
TypeFree public
MottoCaptain your own ship and sail your own sea!
OpenedApril 1918
School districtGranite
PrincipalRob McDaniel vice principals = Jacob Brown, Michele Callahan, Jennifer Christensen, and Chris Griffiths
Faculty104 teachers
Enrollment2,504 (2016-17)[1]
Campus typeUrban
Color(s)Royal Blue, Gold
MascotCyprus Pirate

Cyprus High School is a public high school located at 8623 West 3000 South in Magna, Utah, United States. Cyprus High opened in 1918, and now has an enrollment of 1650; the principal as of 2014 is Rob McDaniel. The school's mascot is the Cyprus Pirate; as of 2016, Cyprus added Brockbank Jr. High on the next street to the East as their extended campus.

Cyprus High belongs to the Granite School District.

Cyprus High School dates back to April 1918; the auditorium was added in 1973 and the science building in 1978. Due to the age of the main building, it was completely rebuilt in 1983.

The school has 63 classrooms and six relocatable classrooms.


Cyprus High School serves approximately 1,450 students in grades, 10-12; as of the 2016 school year, Cyprus has started enrolling 9th graders. The building of Cyprus isn't big enough to hold 4 grades, so as part of it, Brockbank Jr. High became a part of Cyprus. 7th and 8th graders that would've gone to Brockbank now go to Matheson Junior High School.

75.58% of the student body are Caucasian, 1.78% are Asian, 2.19% are Pacific Islander, 18.24% are Hispanic, 1.37% are African American, and 0.82% are Native American.

Notable alumni[edit]


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