Dép lốp

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a pair of "Ho Chi Minh sandals" in the Củ Chi tunnels
a rack of tire-sandals on sale today

The dép lốp (dép "sandal" lốp "tire rubber") are a form of sandal in Vietnam made from recycled tires. The sandals, along with the khăn rằn scarf, were a distinctive clothing of Vietnamese soldiers.[1] These shoes were often called "Ho Chi Minh sandals" by Americans.[2][3]


  1. ^ Float to another place, minutes from the City 2006 "Further on the trip takes you to the famous Tunnels of Cu Chi where you can visit spine-chilling war vestiges from the American War. You can dress in the attire of a Vietnamese soldier from that time, wearing ao ba ba (Vietnamese style blouse) and khan ran (black and white checquered shawl), and even buy the famous infantry footwear – dep lop (tire sandals)."
  2. ^ Jeffrey K. Fozard Cw4 (Ret) Usa Cleared to Land: Memoirs of an Army Air Traffic Controller - 2009 Page 70 "Chieu Hois building our bunker - While the Chieu Hois were working on our bunker, I noticed the shoes one was wearing. I had heard about them, but had never seen them before. He was wearing "Ho Chi Minh sandals". They are shoes/sandals ..."
  3. ^ Gordon L. Rottman Viet Cong Fighter Page 19 2007 Durable Ho Chi Minh sandals, or what the VC called tire sandals (dep no xe), with truck-tire soles and inner-tube straps, were common. Flat-soled canvas sneakers were also worn."