Düsseldorfer Automobil- und Motorsport-Club 05

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Düsseldorfer Automobil- und Motorsport-Club 05 e.V. im ADAC
Abbreviation DAMC 05
Formation 10 November 1905
Type Sports club
Purpose Motorists' issues
Ingo Brenzinger
Website www.damc05.de

The Düsseldorfer Automobil- und Motorsport-Club 05 e.V. im ADAC is a local club of the ADAC (German automobile club). It is located in Düsseldorf, Germany, the club is the organizer of the Oldtimer Festival (vintage car festival) and the Eifelrennen on the Nürburgring.


The club's emblem in the founding year 1905

The club is one of the oldest motor sport clubs in Germany, it was founded on 10 November 1905 as the Düsseldorfer Motorrad Club (Düsseldorf Motorcycle Club), which only six months later joined the equally new Düsseldorfer Motorradfahrer-Vereinigung (Düsseldorf Motorcyclists' Association).

Even before the outbreak of World War 1, the club organised motor-sport meetings such as reliability runs. Later on, important oval-track motorcycle races took place in Düsseldorf, the club members were successful in these and in other events. Ralph Roese, Jupp Müller and Itz Rosenbaum had numerous victories on tracks all over Germany. Müller was twice German Champion in all categories. To the present day the names of Heinz Kürten, Alfred Noll, Toni Ulmen and Kurt C. Volkhart are commonly heard amongst enthusiasts of motorcycle and car races.

After the war, the Eifelrennen and the German TT in Nideggen in the Eifel mountains were the biggest events the club drivers took part in.

Self-liquidation and refounding[edit]

In 1933 the club made the decision to close down. However, only one year after the end of World War 2, former club members Hermann Schlessmann, Toni Ulmen, Josef Jacobs, Werner Seidel, Jules Köther, Erich Hebmüller, Itz Rosenbaum and Heinz Müller founded the new club, called the Düsseldorfer Automobil- und Motorsport-Club 05 (ADAC), abbreviated to DAMC 05. One year later the Kölner Club für Motorsport (Cologne Motorsports Club), the Bergischer Motorclub and DAMC 05 together founded the ADAC Nordrhein.


2007 at the Oldtimer Festival of DAMC 05 at the pre-start in the new Nürburgring riders' enclosure.
2008 at the Oldtimer Festival (Vintage Car Festival) of DAMC 05 at the historic Nürburgring riders' enclosure.
A MG PA at the DAMC oldtimer's race in 2008.

In 1970 some younger club members started to organise meetings under the authority of the German motor-sports body ONS, beginning with an auto slalom event in the car park of the Rhein Stadium, after several of those events, the first hill climb on the Southern Loop of the Nürburgring was organised on 5 September 1976, together with the clubs PSV Düsseldorf and MSC Jan Wellem. In 1977, the DAMC 05 held the first Jan Wellem Bergpreis for which it was solely responsible at the Ring.

During the reconstruction of the GP-circuit in 1983, the first Oldtimer Festival took place on the Northern Loop of the Nürburgring, where not only cars, but also motorcycles and sidecars participated. Since 1984 this event is hosted over three days on the new circuit and is attended by about 800 competitors from 14 nations.

Not only at the Nürburgring but also on public roads the club gained organisational success, on the occasion of the Bundesgartenschau (National Garden Show) in 1987 in Düsseldorf, the BUGA-Rallye for historic vehicles from Düsseldorf to the Oldtimer Festival took place. An anniversary race was held to celebrate Düsseldorf's 700th anniversary in 1988.

In 2008, the DAMC 05 organised the 26th Internationales Oldtimer Festival um den Jan-Wellem-Pokal (26th International Vintage Car Festival for the Jan Wellem Cup) for historic cars, motorcycles and sidecars at the Nürburgring.


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