DEMOS (Montenegro)

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LeaderMiodrag Lekić
Founded18 March 2015
Split fromDemocratic Front
IdeologyLiberal conservatism[1]
Political positionCentre-right
ColoursBlue, red, yellow
1 / 81
Local Parliaments
2 / 786

DEMOS / ДЕМОС (acronym of Democratic Alliance (Demokratski savez) is a centre-right political party in Montenegro founded in 2015 when Miodrag Lekić, leader of the opposition Democratic Front, split from the alliance due to disagreements with its constituent parties, and formed the new political subject.[2] In the 2016 election, DEMOS won four seats in the Parliament of Montenegro but was reduced to two seats after two MPs left the party in September 2017.


In September 2016, DEMOS decided to enter the Key Coalition with URA and SNP in order to participate at the forthcoming parliamentary election, winning four parliamentary seats.[3]

In the summer of 2017 a rift occurred within the party, which resulted in a split, with a conservative faction led by Goran Danilović and Goran Radonjić deciding to form a new party, called United Montenegro;[4] the split left Demos with two MPs, as the remaining two defected to the new party.


Parliamentary elections[edit]

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Coalition Government
2015 Split from Democratic Front
4 / 81
Increase 4 provisional gov.[a]
2016 42,295 11.05%
4 / 81
Steady Ključ opposition

A Opposition (2015-2016); Provisional government (2016)

Presidential elections[edit]

President of Montenegro
Election year # Candidate 1st round votes % 2nd round votes % Note
2018 3rd Draginja Vuksanović 27,441 8.20% SDP, support

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