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DR-4 shield

Carretera Mella
Major junctions
West endSanto Domingo, DR
East endSan Rafael del Yuma, DR
Major citiesSanto Domingo, Boca Chica, San Pedro de Macorís, Hato Mayor del Rey, El Seibo, Higuey, San Rafael del Yuma
Highway system
Highways and routes in the Dominican Republic

DR-4 is the fourth numbered highway of the Dominican Republic. It starts from Santo Domingo eastwards to San Pedro de Macorís and then to the north to Hato Mayor del Rey and again eastwards ending in the San Rafael del Yuma (or Boca de Yuma).

Cities Major intersections Distance from Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo DR-3, DR-11, 0 km, begins here or Santo Domingo Este*
San Pedro de Macorís 70 km
Hato Mayor del Rey 97 km
Santa Cruz del Seibo 135 km
Salvaleón de Higüey DR-5 145 km
San Rafael del Yuma DR-3 120 km, ends here*

*Notes: Where the highway begins is disputed, some say Santo Domingo others Santo Domingo Este. There is unclear information given by SEOPC about where the highway ends.

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